Nothing beats a good canvas tote bag. It's a catch-all for our daily go-to items. With a wallet, a bottle of water, and a journal or two, we can conquer the day. 

So, why not go ahead and custom design your own canvas tote? It's a simple afternoon activity and will, of course, reflect your unique style. Allow us to walk you through this pleasant and enjoyable activity. 

how to make canvas tote bag

Required Tools

Let's begin by laying out the essentials. Here's what you'll need for your custom canvas tote bag: 

  • About three feet of fabric (more precisely, 32" x 30" and two 16" straps)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Ruler
  • Pins

Step One: Fold the Canvas

Once your fabric is laid out, it's time to fold the fabric in half. Lay it so that you're looking at 16" by 15". Place the fold at the bottom.

Step Two: Create Your Straps

Next up, it's time to create your straps. This is why it's nice to purchase three feet of fabric.

After you've laid out your bag so that it's 16" by 15", the excess material will be used to create your straps. We like to make them 16" in length. 

Step Three: Create a Flap

Time to start sewing! You can unfold the canvas again and create a fold along the top of the bag.

Create a one-inch fold and pin it in place. You'll want to sew about 0.5mm from the edge to prevent tearing. 

Step Four: Sew the Sides

Keep your sewing machine revved. Next, it's time to sew the sides of the bag together. Line up the bag again so that the fold is at the bottom.

As you sew each side, keep the line about 0.1mm from the edge. This can be a nice, tight line that will secure the bag and leave plenty of room on the inside. 

Step Five: Secure the Straps

Last but not least, it's time to secure the straps. You'll sew them onto that one-inch fold you created, measuring each strap about 4" from the sides.

Sew around the edge of the strap, creating a square. Then, continue sewing from edge to edge, making an X.

This technique is known as an X Box. If you're like us and tend to load down your bags, this added sense of security will go a long way. 

personalized canvas tote bag

A Personalized Canvas Tote

How does that sound? A handmade, personalized canvas tote only for you. We guarantee it'll be a conversation starter, and a fun one at that! If you need to go beyond a singular tote, then we have the solution for you.

Here at Bagz Depot, we have bulk canvas tote bags available for you, in those 15" by 16" sizes, and larger.

You'll love browsing our massive selection of custom canvas tote bags, including bags with premium rope handles, bags with pockets, bags with gussets, jute bags, and so much more!

We can even help you add a logo to your wholesale totes. We have screen printing options available to you, as well as digital printing, which allows for unlimited colors and designs.

The choice is yours. Start outfitting your team today! We can't wait to help you kickstart the design process. To learn and apply all of the DIY crafts you can do with your canvas tote bag, we have created the ultimate guide for you so check it out!