Fanny packs are back and better than ever. They’re a perfect compromise between a backpack or a purse that make your life a little easier. Backpacks can be heavy and bulky and cause back problems, along with purses which can hurt your back and are constantly sliding off of your shoulder. Fanny packs would never betray you like that. They sit around your waist and carry your things while also letting you stay completely hands free. Better yet, waist packs are back in style and won’t tarnish your fashion game. BagzDepot carries multiple styles of fanny packs that you can choose from. We have wholesale fanny packs that can be bought in bulk for your business or for an event. Purchase blank fanny packs and customize them right here at BagzDepot, it’s a one stop shop. Here are some of the best ways you can wear fanny packs.


Stylish Fanny Packs

Fanny packs are back in style and they can go with pretty much anything you choose to wear. Wear them around your waist or extend the strap and cross them over your shoulder. If you’re shopping all day, running errands or just going out for a night on the town you can sport one with confidence. BagzDepot offers a variety of different styles of fanny packs and in different colors. Our stylish camo fanny pack is a trendy best seller, and comes in a 3 zipper option as well! The best thing about fanny packs are that they’re unisex. They work on anyone and everyone. BagzDepot carries fanny packs for women and men. Make sure you pick out the stylish fanny pack that you’ll want to wear everyday.

Theme Park Waist Pack

roller coaster theme park

Fanny packs are a theme park essential. The last thing you want when you know you’ll be walking miles around a theme park is a heavy bag on your shoulder or weight on your back. That would make for a miserable time and a serious annoyance. Standing in lines for hours throughout the day with a bag on your shoulder is no fun. Stay hydrated with this fanny pack with water bottle holder, or step it up a notch and keep everything you need in this 7 compartment sport fanny pack with cell phone holder, zippered pockets, and water bottle holder. Fanny packs will let you stay hands free and take the weight off and keep the pain away. They’re small enough to fit on your waist but still roomy enough to hold your all of your daily essentials. Strap on your waist packs to all family members, including kids. You can even create some custom fanny packs to really bring the fam together. Make it fun and embroider each fanny pack with everyone’s names and you can give something out so everyone can remember that day.

Kids Fanny Packs

Strap your kid’s things right to their waist so they won’t leave their bag somewhere. Throw in snacks and make sure they have their cell phone if they’re old enough to go rides by themselves. BagzDepot even offers fanny packs with a water bottle holder to make sure dehydration doesn’t set in. You can feel at ease letting them go knowing that they have everything they need. Kids are notorious for forgetting and losing things so a fanny pack can really bail them out. Customize fanny packs for kids and make them really love wearing it. Fanny packs can help take some of the baggage off of you as well, let your kids carry some of the weight.

Music Festival Fanny Pack

music festival concert lights

It’s music festival season. Fanny packs are a notorious music festival essential. Music festivals are all day, or all week, and require a lot of impromptu dancing and hand waving. Fanny packs will keep you hands free and carry all of your essentials through every concert you dance through. As security has become tighter these days a lot of festivals are either suggesting or requiring clear, see through bags. BagzDepot offers a high quality, affordable clear fanny pack that will breeze you through security. Buy them in bulk and give them to your whole crew so no one gets held up and everyone has a good time. They’re stylish and practical. BagzDepot can even customize your fanny packs for you to theme them for what festival you’re attending.

Travel Waist Packs for Vacation & Sightseeing 

travel map

A huge part of going on a vacation is sightseeing. You want to explore everything that’s around you as much as you can. Fanny packs are a great way to keep you on the move and not weigh you down. Cell phones, wallets, keys, all of your everyday essentials can be easily carried around without having to worry about losing them. These 7 pocket zippered fanny packs are the perfect travel waist pack. Strap fanny packs around every family member or friend you’re traveling with too. Walk around and take photos without having to shift your bag around or putting down your bag to be in the picture. Photo-bomb on a whim and don’t worry about leaving your bag on the ground or things falling out. It’s small enough to wear while traveling or pack in your large suitcase to take when you go out for your daily excursions. If you’re planning on shopping, fanny packs make it possible to carry your bags. Convenience is really the best way to describe fanny packs. They’re back in style and they’re a life saver. 

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Written by Bagz Depot — July 16, 2019

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