By this point in the summer, parents and kids are busy thinking about who their new teacher will be? Will they have classes with their friends and what school clothes might they want. 

Parents and kids are busy reading ads to score the best deals in school supplies of pens, pencils, paper, and binders. There is a session to try on this year's pair of new sneakers. Kids are thinking about their back to school bags for gym clothes, books, and their lunch.

But school this year, for many, may not look and feel the same as it has in previous years. School supply lists are a little different. COVID 19 has changed everything about the way schools. teachers, parents, and students are approaching back to school. 

Everyone sending their kids off wants them to enter a safe school, yet this year it has taken on a whole new significance. Added to the school supply list are now things to protect your child from the virus. 

In addition to the backpacks and school bags for kids, read on for what you need for back to school this year. 

School Supplies for a Successful School Year

Every year schools and families prepare for the new school year by ordering and buying the long list of school supplies. Everyone wants to start the year prepared and ready to get off on the right foot. So, you stock up and organize, choosing each item from the list carefully.

Of course, there is a list of items students use to complete their school work. This list is pretty universal and often includes:

  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Markers
  • Crayons
  • Colored pencils 
  • Glue
  • Notebook paper
  • Folders
  • Binders

Teachers and schools often ask kids to have these supplies and teachers will stock up their classrooms too. 

Students also need to think about how to carry all of these school supplies. 

School Bags

For most students, a new school year means a new school bag. For many, this means shopping for a new backpack.

Parents want a backpack that is easy to manage for students. One that can fit the student's back and they can safely carry their load. Teachers want backpacks that can carry all of the necessary materials back and forth to school efficiently. Students want a backpack that represents them and their personalities. 

Some students would prefer to carry a tote bag instead of a backpack. They find it easier to slide their materials in and out of the bag. Students might also like a pencil pouch or a small pouch to carry all of those little supplies. This prevents them from using other materials and protects them from spreading germs. 

There are some other bags students might need too. 

For example, many students prefer to bring their lunch and snacks from home. This might be especially true during coronavirus times when they prefer to avoid the cafeteria lines. They will want to have a lunch bag to carry food safely back and forth from home.

Students who are in after school sports or who have physical education class will need a bag to carry clothes for practice, shoes and equipment back and forth from home to school and practice. 

Finally, many schools in today's COVID world are providing students with Chromebooks for online and virtual learning they might need to do. You want to be sure your child is protecting this important and expensive equipment. Consider adding a laptop bag to protect the technology needed for your school success.

Personal Protection Equipment

School this year has some supplies on the list that have likely not shown up in the past. Sure, parents and teachers stock on the hand sanitizer and tissues for the inevitable germ season that happens in schools. 

Yet, going back to face-to-face instruction during COVID-19 times means students need some additional supplies to stay healthy and be prepared. There are many items that fall under the PPE category that students will want to stock up on to be prepared for school.

Many schools, and states for that matter, are requiring students to wear facial coverings. Students will need several masks as they should wear a clean one each day and have backups ready to go. It's important that students have a mask that feels comfortable to them so they are not tugging on it and spreading more germs by touching it.

They want the mask to fit over their face and make sure it stays in place. The mask should cover both their mouth and nose securely to offer optimal protection.

Students will want to work to keep their hands clean from potential germs. Encourage frequent hand washing while at school. If students can't get to the bathroom to wash their hands, it's smart for them to carry hand sanitizer so they can use it often to kill anything their hands pick up from touching school surfaces. 

Teachers, as well as students, will want access to wipes. Your student can wipe down their supplies before using them if another student has touched them before. 

Most schools will be required by state guidelines to shut off public drinking fountains. Students will want to carry their own water bottles. 

During these high-risk COVID times students should not be sharing materials the way they might have in the past. For parents, make sure your child's bag is stocked with those needed supplies each day. You might also consider getting labels to put on your child's supplies. Then they are clearly marked who they belong to and it will be easier for your child to keep track of them.

Get Your Back to School Bags for the Start of a New Year

While back to school might look and feel a little different this year, you still want your child to be well prepared and ready to be successful. Make sure they have all the back to school bags they will need to be successful and carry all of the needed materials. 

For more bag choices and a whole inventory of PPE options, be sure to visit our site with your child before hitting the stores for those school supplies.