The classic Easter basket is one of the best-loved spring traditions. However, sometimes you just want a break from tradition or to create a more useful, yet still festive, gift. Easter gift tote bags are a practical alternative to the basket and they still offer all the fun and treat-filled bounty of an Easter basket. 

Canvas tote bags come in a range of sizes, styles, and colors. You may leave them plain for a rustic look, or personalize them in unlimited ways. Best of all, the gift recipient may reuse a tote bag throughout the year to store toys, carry items, or for any kind of shopping. Try these fun and creative ideas to design a delightful Easter personalized tote bag. 

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5 Steps to Create a Special Easter Gift Tote Bag

1. Choose the Right Bag

Canvas bags come in a range of sizes and styles from a small drawstring bag to a large shopping bag. There really is no right bag, but consider the size of bag that will fit the gifts you plan to include. Some options include a heavy duty canvas tote bag, drawstring backpack, or a burlap tote bag.

2. Personalize It

Personalized tote bags are a fun and practical alternative to an old school basket. The options for decorating and personalizing the bag are limited only by your creativity and materials. Fabric paints, iron-on patches, sew-on embellishments, bedazzled gems, puffy fabric paints are just a few options. Consider customizing the canvas totes with images of bunnies, flowers, and eggs! Adding the recipient’s name or initials makes it feel even more special.

3. Choose Your Filler Gifts

Although a personalized tote bag is a gift in itself, the traditional Easter basket contains a bounty of treats and small gifts. Typically, the teats fit a spring motif including a bunny, an assortment of eggs, chicks, or flower themed items. To many people throughout time, spring represents new life and new beginnings. If you are concerned about giving the receiver too many sugar-laden treats, consider non-food gifts. People of faith may also appreciate gifts reflecting the symbolism of Easter. Everyone appreciates small colorful items like pencils, mini-notebooks, toys in spring-themed colors. Some spring-appropriate colors include grass green, sky blue, sunny yellow, or a soft shade of pink.

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4. Consider Whether You Want to Use Decorative Fillers

Often people fill out and decorate an Easter basket with ribbons, paper grass, plastic eggs, and tissue paper. These are still options for your Easter gift tote. However, some opt for the tote in the interest of reducing waste and choose to be sparing in their decorative fillers. They may simply opt for a festive ribbon to decorate the handle.

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5. Consider an Eggscellent Presentation

Finally, consider how you will present the gift tote to the receiver. Some may hide it in an Easter egg hunt to add to the element of surprise. Or some may sneak it into the breakfast table, so they wake to discover the Easter Bunny paid a visit. The presentation of the bag may be just as much fun as creating the bag and receiving it.

The Easter gift tote bag is a fun, practical and modern update to the classic Easter basket tradition. If you are looking for new ideas to celebrate and welcome spring, then a personalized tote bag may be just the solution! 

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Written by Bagz Depot — April 09, 2019

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