Whether you’re toting books around campus, traveling, hiking or heading to the gym, drawstring bags have your back, literally. BagzDepot has drawstring bags for any occasion, available in a variety of different colors, fabrics and sizes. Drawstring backpacks are perfect for colleges and universities to customize with their school logo. Purchasing custom wholesale drawstring bags in bulk saves you money and gives your students a great quality bag. The more you buy, the more you save so showing school spirit has never looked so good or been so easy.

assorted drawstring bags in different colors

Drawstring Backpacks For Campus Bookstores

Our drawstring backpacks are the ideal item to customize with your school colors and logo to place in all bookstores around campus. Our bags are tough enough to carry textbooks from class to class and large enough to throw in school supplies and whatever else students might need to lug around daily. Schools and universities can have them screen printed right on our site and hand them out with textbook purchases or place them at checkouts at a discounted price. They’ll be perfect for students to grab and throw their books into. It’ll also help eliminate using plastic bags so you’re doing your part for the environment too! 

book store

Canvas Drawstring Bags For Orientation

College orientation days are full of anxious and excited new students, and handing out university logo branded canvas drawstring bags will be a great way to welcome incoming freshmen. Our cheap drawstring bags are perfect for orientation welcome day, and can be filled with welcome day materials, club flyers, and souvenirs. Wholesale drawstring bags can be custom printed with your school logo so new students can rep their new university while exploring their new campus and town. They’ll also want them for their first day of school to tote around textbooks and school supplies, it’s perfect for everyday use around campus.

Drawstring Bags Bulk for Every Sports Team

Not only are our drawstring bags bulk perfect for your campus bookstores, but they’re also a great idea for every sport team. Our drawstring backpacks are durable enough to carry sports gear and water bottles. Brand each bag with the team’s logo and even personalize them with each player’s name and number. They’ll be great for away games and tournaments for your players to carry everything they’ll need throughout the day and traveling to and from the game. Sororities and fraternities can easily afford these bags in bulk for their members and new pledges. They can be customized for different events put on by each fraternity and sorority and the wholesale price makes it possible to buy enough for everyone.

assorted drawstring bags multi colored

Drawstring Laundry Bags for Laundry Day

One of the biggest tribulations of dorm living is of course the dreaded laundry pile that only gets bigger as the days go on. Our drawstring laundry bags are the perfect solution for hauling away dirty clothes and bringing home clean clothes. Whether students are lugging it to a coin laundry or to their parents house to beg mom to do the washing, your laundry bag needs to be large enough and tough enough. You can purchase our drawstring laundry bags wholesale and in bulk to make them affordable enough to gift to new students or giveaway in raffles around campus. They are durable enough to last many semesters and also have a large shoulder strap to make it easy to lug clothes around. They’re also great to just have for general use, such as moving into or out of dorms.

canvas drawstring laundry bag

Drawstring Shoe Bags Wholesale for Everyday Sneakers or Dirty Soccer Cleats 

BagzDepot has all different kinds of drawstring bags, even ones to keep your stinky shoes at bay. Buy these drawstring shoe bags wholesale for everyone’s well being. Students are busy and active, and so are their shoes. These bags will allow students to pack their shoes without the smell and they can also be used to keep nice shoes scratch free. They’re a great gift for your school’s sports teams as well since they can be personalized with team logos and names. It’s a great way to keep the bus smell free and their shoes well kept.

black and white nike sneakers

Cotton Drawstring Backpacks for College Clubs

Canvas drawstring bags are versatile enough to be used for any club in your college or university. Our organic cotton drawstring backpacks are perfect to promote eco-friendliness around campus. Create special bags for Earth Day and purchase them for any eco clubs to hand out to students. They can also be branded with some school spirit at and affordable price. Our bags are durable and can be washed after the serious wear and tear. BagzDepot has cheap drawstring backpacks but top quality so you don’t have to worry about what you’re getting.

plain organic cotton drawstring bag

Drawstring backpacks are so versatile, durable and customizable they are perfect for any school, college or university. Pick out your school color or have a plain drawstring bag customized with your school logo or mascot. They’re a perfect gift coaches can give their teams or vice versa because they can be personalized with not only the team logo, but player’s numbers and names. Purchasing drawstring bags bulk saves your school money and gives your students something to wear proudly.

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Written by Bagz Depot — April 22, 2019

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