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Any business owner knows that spending money on marketing is important. One of the keys to a thriving business is customers. You need to communicate with those customers and make them want to continue to come through the door. 

But spending money on marketing can get pricey. And it's especially important to make those spending dollars worth it. You want to know whatever marketing you use is giving you the bang for your buck. 

Have you ever considered using marketing bags to promote your business? Read on to learn the many ways this is both economical and smart marketing.


Marketing tote bags could be used as a part of a giveaway. The bag then serves many purposes:

  • The marketing tote bag becomes a giveaway.
  • The bag works to promote your brand.
  • You can include promotional materials about upcoming events, sales or promotions.
  • The bag can hold a giveaway or be a part of a promotional contest for your business. 

The canvas tote bags work to address the immediate marketing as part of the giveaway, then continues to market your business as the customer continues to use it over and over again.

branding with custom tote bags

Brand Recognition

Brands are everywhere. They are a part of every product, service, and company we interact with. From our morning cereal to the car we drive, to our grocery store and clothes, every company wants their brand recognized.

The simple truth is that branding is part of telling the world about your business. 

Branded canvas bags help to do just that. Each time a customer uses your bag and the brand, logo and company name are on it, you are being marketed. 

So while the bag might initially carry merchandise or promotion, each time after it is used the brand is getting promoted through the information on the bag. 

branded custom tote bags

Using Your Logo

A logo is a visual representation of your brand. What better way to continue to promote your business's brand than by putting a logo on a tote. The logo is a visual reminder of your brand. 

The logo can get noticed every time someone carries the bag. It is repeat marketing for one price. 

The logo should be one part of your brand strategy so people associate your logo and brand together. They see your logo and think of your business. 

Imagine the effectiveness of marketing bags with a logo on them as a way to promote your business. 

Eco-Friendly Function

As consumers learn more about conservation and their concerns for the environment increase, so does their affinity for companies that support eco-friendly practices. 

What better way to show your belief in being eco-friendly than by using reusable totes. No more throw-away bags that end up in a landfill. Not only does the marketing tote bag continue to support your business over and over again, but it is also good for the planet too. 

custom marketing tote bags

Marketing Bags for Your Business

 Your marketing dollars might be tight. So, you want to choose marketing strategies that will promote your brand effectively and with popularity. 

What consumers won't like the idea of reusable marketing bags they get from your business? And you get the advantage of continued marketing on the bag.

Ready to spread the word about your brand on a branded tote bag? We are here to help you put together a great promotion for your business. To learn more about the benefits of marketing bags, check out our blog.  

Written by Bagz Depot — December 13, 2019

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