Custom beach bags are effective at promoting any business, but this especially is true when your establishment is a sand pebble’s throw away from the rolling tide. With the restaurant industry taking a hit in recent months, it's important to find many ways of promoting your business, and beach bag customization is a good one.

If you run a seaside bar and restaurant, it’s time you got wise to the ways this one simple promo item can elevate your business. In the following article, we’ll be discussing the six primary ways to use them for maximum impact. 

Give Them Away

Getting a customized beach bag made for your business is a great way to attract the eyeballs, but you'll never make the most of it if those bags aren't ending up in the right hands. That's why you should consider giving yours away to your customers.

It's an out-of-pocket expense that you won't recover immediately. However, those customers are going to appreciate the functionality of their bags, and they'll be walking advertisements for your business moving forward. 

Make Your Social Networks Prominent

Bar promotions in which you give bags away can be great opportunities to attract attention. You're only going to get so much out of it, though, if you're not telling people how to keep that connection going. 

Ideally, you want a bag to advertise all your social networks prominently. This not only provides the customer with something useful but it also tells them how they can easily connect with you in the virtual world. Make sure your bags feature all the prominent social media icons showing where you're active as well as any easy-to-remember handles where they can go to keep up with upcoming specials. 

Direct to Your Website

Don't just leave it at grill-and-bar promotions on social media. Make sure your bag is also directing people to your website so you can capture user data that you can control, thus being less reliant on the sometimes toxic environment of a social network. When people interface with you through your site, you are in control.

Speak Directly to Your Audience

Another great thing about restaurant marketing through custom beach bags is this. You're speaking directly to your audience with the type of giveaway that you're offering. 

They've come to your restaurant because they were either going to or coming from the beach. That means they'll either enjoy themselves after the meal or they'll be back. When they do, they'll have a functional souvenir provided by you that they can bring along for an easier experience.

Promote Big Events

Custom beach bags are also great bar marketing ideas because they can be printed in short runs to advertise especially big events that your restaurant is known for hosting. Getting those bags out a few weeks ahead of time can make a huge difference in turnout! 

Advertise Your Specials

Got any ongoing specials in your seaside restaurant or bar marketing plan? Why not make them a permanent part of the public conscience by including them on the bag materials? It's just one more way to stay in the public eye.

Custom Beach Bags Have Ample Uses

As you can see, custom beach bags are much more useful than a simple giveaway. They can turn customers into advertisers and keep the conversation going well after the check is paid. 

Want to get started with your own custom beach bags? Contact us today to see what types of materials and pricing are available.