It’s summer and it’s time to jump back into your favorite outdoor activities. It’s important to stay trendy and practical when it comes to summer tote bags. You want to be able to bring everything you need with you as easily as you can. BagzDepot has bags for every occasion and they’re also customizable to make them unique to you. We organized some of our best summer tote bags to fit your favorite summer activity.  

Best Tote Bags for Summer Activities 

Beach Days

No one can say no to the beach on a warm and sunny day. Let’s hope your beach days are plentiful this year. Along with beach days come the many beach necessities that need to be carried to the perfect sandy spot. Here are our top two beach totes to make your summer stylish and stress free.

beach day beach chairs cooler

Large Heavy Canvas Beach Tote Bag

This large canvas beach tote bag is perfect for all your beach day needs. Throw in your sunscreen, towels, sunglasses, sunscreen, basically anything beach related. It’s a large canvas beach tote bag that allows you to really fill it up with everything you need.

Heavy Duty Canvas Boat Tote

Add a little style into your beach days with a fun colored beach boat tote bag. These trendy canvas tote bags are super durable and heavy weight to carry anything you might need. Beach towels or toys for the kids, you name it. This one will last you for all the summers ahead.

beach bag with beach supplies


If you’re lucky enough to live near some mountains or great nature trails then hiking is probably one of your favorite hobbies. Even if you don’t live near any mountains it’s a great hobby to do on any vacation or trip you may take this summer. You need to be able to be hands-free and comfortable while still carrying hiking essentials. Here are our top picks.

Polyester Drawstring Backpack

This is a perfect bag to carry snacks, a jacket, first aid and your water bottle. This drawstring backpack cinches closed with the drawstrings and it’s lightweight and durable. It comes in multiple different colors and has tons of space to personalize it anyway you’d like.

Sling Pack Backpack

This backpack will probably become your new best friend on every hike. It comes in five different colors and fit comfortable as a sling over your shoulder. It even comes with a headphone exit port to listen to your music on lengthy hikes.

sling drawstring backpack


Who doesn’t love spending a night stargazing and eating s’mores? Camping is one of the best things about summer. It’s a perfect activity to do with friends and family and test out who is the best at roughing it. Luckily you don’t have to rough everything. BagzDepot has some great coolers to keep your food and drinks fresh and bags to carry everything to your favorite campsite.

camping tents grass


Port Authority 24 Can Cube Cooler Bag

This cooler bag gives you enough space for you drinks and more. It has a strap with a shoulder pad to make hauling everything a little more comfortable. This cooler bag is also heat sealed and water resistant for rainy days or accidental drops in the water. Stick your utensils or needed dishes in the front pocket and get to camping.

Port Authority Sport Weekend Duffel Bag

Pack all your overnight essentials in this easy to carry weekend duffel bag. It’s equipped with multiple compartments to keep your things organized. It’s really perfect to use for any travel you do this summer.

duffel bag

Music Festivals

Summer is the official kickoff for music festivals. There are countless outdoor concerts and festivals all summer and hopefully you’re getting to everyone of them that you can. It’s important to be able to carry your essentials and still dance the day and night away. Your perfect festival bag must haves also can’t ruin your outfit. We’ve got you covered.

music festival audience

Clear Three Pocket Fanny Pack

Safety is at the utmost importance nowadays at every large crowd gathering. A lot of venues are switching to having required clear bags and purses to make sure everyone is safe. This doesn’t mean it can’t be in style. The 90’s are back, and so are fanny packs. This three pocket fanny pack is your perfect summer accessory. It allows you to go hands-free all day and night and still have everything you need.

Small Canvas Messenger Tote Bag

Take this messenger tote bag wherever you go. It’s small enough for festivals and concerts and has a long strap to use as a cross body bag. Don’t worry about it slipping off of your shoulder. It has a great space to personalize it. Create your own bag dedicated to your favorite artist or buy them for your group of friends and customize each one. Happy dancing!


One of everyone’s favorite activities during the summer is eating delicious food that was made on the grill. Getting together with family and friends and hanging out outside while grilling delicious food is an activity that everyone can enjoy.

barbeque cookout

Port Authority Rolling Cooler Bag

Bring enough for everyone. If you’re traveling to a picnic spot or someone’s home for a cookout this is the perfect travel companion. It can hold 48 cans and keep them cold. This cooler bag also has an extendable handle and wheels to easily transport from place to place. It’s also super easy to clean and water resistant. This cooler will make you everyone’s best friend.

rolling cooler bag

Over the Shoulder Reusable Grocery Tote Bag

This reusable grocery tote bag is a great way to handle all food that doesn’t need to be kept cold. Throw in chips, desserts, buns and more. It’s durable and has a long enough strap to easily fit comfortably over your shoulder. You can even keep this around year long and use for your regular grocery store trips.

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Written by Bagz Depot — June 06, 2019

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