Traveling is stressful enough on its own. The packing, rushing, airports and hotels all equal a ton of stress on your and your friends and family. Packing seems like it would be the least of your worries but sometimes it’s the most stressful part of traveling. It’s not easy deciding what to bring and what to leave, making sure it’s packed as organized as possible. On top of that there’s still fitting everything into your bag and making sure it’s within the weight limit so you’re not paying an arm and a leg. BagzDepot not only does totes and canvas travel bags but has every bag you might need in your travels, here are some of our favorites.

Canvas Travel Kit Makeup Bag

This canvas travel bag is perfect for holding the essentials and it fits in pretty much any suitcase. It can also be personalized to make it unique to you. Make it fun, make it funky and make it your new favorite bag. Use it for makeup, toiletries, jewelry or even just to hold your odds and ends.

Travel Kit

This simple and practical travel kit will fit any of your personal packing needs. It’s both small and spacious for whatever you may use it for. It has a wide grip handle to easily grab from your suitcase or bag. It’s great for men and women and super durable.

Hanging Makeup Bag

This bag is a lifesaver wherever you’re traveling. Store all of your makeup and face products in a way you can clearly see them, no more digging through an endless dark hole. You can even hang it up while you’re getting ready to keep it as accessible as possible. It has exterior pockets to put products you may need quickly in. This bag fold up neatly and fits perfectly into your suitcase.

Duffel Bag

This duffel is perfect for weekend getaways or quick work trips. It’s small enough to be a carry on, yet big enough to fit everything you’ll need inside. With all the pockets and comfortable shoulder strap it’s a great bag to take with you. You can also throw a travel kit inside to hold your makeup or toiletries.

Drawstring Bags

These are perfect for a carry on. They’re light and durable and roomy. They work as a backpack so they’re easy to carry and they close and open easily with no zipper. If you have a long flight they’re great to hold electronics, books, cords or anything else you use to keep yourself busy. You can also use it to carry essentials if you’re hiking or walking a lot on your trip.

Canvas Travel Bag

Honestly these bags can be used for anything. They’re a great canvas travel bag to have as a carry on or throw in your luggage to use wherever you’re headed. They can be personalized to make them fun and stylish. If you’re traveling with kids it’s a great bag to keep the essentials in for any emergency diaper changes or messes to clean up. They’re also great to have coloring books and crayons or iPads accessible to keep the kids entertained while traveling. You really can’t go wrong with traveling with a simple tote bag.  

travel bag

These bags are not only great for travel but also great as gifts for travelers. Everyone loves a good bag. It makes it even more special to purchase a canvas travel bag and customize it for you or whoever you’re gifting it to. Make it special, unique and memorable. Our bags can also be bulk in bulk so you can make it a family affair. You’ll never feel better opening up your luggage on your next trip.

Written by Bagz Depot — March 15, 2019

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