Gym Bags To Help you get fit


Gym Bags to Fit Your Workout

With one year coming to a close and the new one beginning, New Year’s Resolutions are likely one of the top things on many people’s mind. For those who have decided to become healthier and start working out, or increasing their workout frequency, getting motivated can often be a challenge.

Something that often helps with motivation is getting organized. The right workout bags could prove extremely useful in helping keep workout gear organized and increasing motivation to head to the gym, the track or wherever someone likes to exercise. We’ve gathered three excellent options for your consideration as you check out functional and attractive gym bags for the new year.

Small Polyester Gym Bag or Weekender

  • 18" Medium Size Two Tone Duffel Bag- This medium-sized duffel bag has the classic “gym bag” look with plenty of extras to make getting organized and motivated a breeze. They have a zippered main compartment with an additional zippered front pocket. Carrying it is easy with two side handles that connect with hook and loop closure or a detachable shoulder strap. The 18” size with 9” width and depth give plenty of room for carrying an extra set of clothes, toiletries and small items necessary for a workout. Additionally, this convenient bag comes in three different colors, making it a great choice for men or women.

Two Toned Weekender Small Duffel Bag

  • Polyester Small Duffel Bag - Available in black, blue, green or red, these small duffel bags pack a lot of power when it comes to carrying gym gear for anyone ready to get fit in the new year. There is a large main compartment with tons of room for even larger items like jackets and sweats. It also has a mesh end pocket and front slip pocket for those smaller items that need to be kept separate (such as socks, swimsuits and the like.) This is a wonderful bag that can easily serve as an overnight bag too--giving it additional value. Since it’s made of durable polyester, it can be easily cleaned up and kept looking its best.

Personalized Drawstring Shoe Bags

  • Drawstring Shoe Bags - While a big gym bag can sometimes be useful, there are occasions where it simply isn’t necessary. A drawstring shoe bag is a great option for quick workouts or for keeping shoes and dirty clothes separate from clean items. These affordable, easy-to-carry bags for shoes or other gear come in black, off-white and navy. Since the bags are 100% cotton, they can be tossed in the washer with gym clothes for a fast clean up. Keeping a couple of these in the car is a great idea for anyone who is always on the go--especially the workout-minded!


Each of these gym bags offers something different in organization and convenience for a treat workout. Once an you have your workout gear well-organized and at the ready, you may feel much more motivated to stop by for a quick sweat session before work, after leaving for the day or any other time they have a few free moments. You’ll quickly see--the right bag makes all the difference for many people who have workout goals!

Written by Bagz Depot — December 28, 2018

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