Finding a good way to help promote your business, no matter what size it may be, can seem tricky sometimes. You want to come up with promotional ideas and items that are useful, fun and eye-catching, but you also need to remember that you may have a limited budget to work with for things like this. There are lots of great ideas and items out there but some may just fall outside of what you can really afford to get. If you find yourself in a situation like this, you may want to turn to something like tote bags for screen print to use for promotions since they can be very affordable and a fantastic promotional tool.

Giveaway Totes

Too many times items may come to you in the mail or across your desk where companies are offering to create promotional items for your business that seem less than appealing. Either the items look poorly made and constructed or they look like something that a person might take as a promotion and quickly dispose of it, leaving you without the chance to get the exposure that you are really looking for from an item. Using a tote bag can be a much better solution for you since it provides you with something functional that many people use all of the time. In today’s day and age of reuse and recycle, making use of a tote bag for shopping instead of plastic or paper bags makes good sense. You can capitalize on this feeling by creating a useful item to give away.

Affordability Personalization Through Screen Printing

With all of the options available to you, choosing tote bags for screen print to use can be very affordable. You can select a simple, basic cotton tote bag and have a one-color screen placed on it that uses your logo, company information or anything that helps to promote your business without spending a fortune for it. The process also can be done rather quickly, allowing you to get your items with faster turnaround time and at a low cost that fits into your budget.

Using tote bags for screen print as a promotion can help you to provide customers and potential customers with a great item to help spread the name of your business. If you are looking for affordable, eco-friendly tote bags to use for your business, check out and see what they have available so you can find just the right bag.


Written by Bagz Depot — August 01, 2016

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