Everyone needs a duffle bag sooner or later. These accessories have been around for centuries. From necessity, they have slowly but surely turned into a way to showcase style and make a statement. They also make thoughtful gifts to employees, customers, and business partners, and excellent marketing materials.

Their utility ultimately depends on their design, quality, and price. That is why, at Bagz Depot, we have made it our mission to offer only duffle bags with attractive and functional designs, made of high-quality materials, and at the best prices on the market.

complete guide to duffle bags

You can choose between a wide variety of materials, colors, and sizes without worrying about overpaying. If you want something unique, to offer as a gift and/or use as a marketing tool, our offer of custom duffel bags will surely appeal to you. We can personalize your favorite duffle bags model with your company logo or your image of choice. 

Bagz Depot is your one-stop for duffle bags no matter what you’re looking for!

Honoring Duffle Bag History and Opening New Perspectives

The first duffle bags (also called duffel bags) began to be produced in the 17th century, from a thick cloth produced in Duffel, a town in Antwerp province, Belgium. The original duffle bags were quite large, shaped like a cylinder, and closed with drawstrings.

With time, the term gained a broader meaning, including any large multipurpose bag made of thick fabric. Treasured for their carrying capacity and their high durability, duffle bags were heavily used by the members of the military, appearing mentioned in letters written as early as WWI.

With time, their design changed. The initially short, knapsack-like, and rather uncomfortable pieces evolved into longer, wider, and sturdier strap bags. Their carrying capacity and functionality improved, and manufacturers began to pay more attention to aesthetics.

At Bagz Depot, we honor duffle bags legacy by selling only high-quality, functional products. However, we feel that these products have much higher potential than granted to them, and we try to exploit it by offering various designs and color combinations along with providing custom screen printing and personalization services.

One Versatile Product, Multiple Uses and Functionalities

Duffle bags are among the most versatile products on the market. They can be used by men and women alike, no matter their age and occupation. There are even kids’ duffle bags available, in adequate sizes and colors, of course. Some people use the same product for several purposes; others build actual collections.

duffle bags assorted colors

Here are some common types of duffle bags and the occasions when they can save the day:

  • Travel duffle bag – Whether traveling for business, pleasure or other reasons, we all need to pack a few things. From spare clothes and underwear to toiletries and keepsakes, everything can be conveniently stored and carried away in a travel duffle bag.
  • Sports duffle bag – Football players, athletes, dancers, and gym members all use sports duffle bags to carry their equipment and outfits. It’s practical, convenient, and affordable.
  • Weekend duffle bag – Weekends are perfect for visiting friends, family members, or exploring new sites. When taking short trips, spending the night away, unsure what to wear, or bringing gifts, weekend duffle bags can save the day (or the entire weekend!!!)
  • Hospital duffle bag – Hospital stays can be tough, no matter the reason or the facility. They mean leaving our comfort zone and being away from the people and things we love. Hospital duffle bags can make it all easy by allowing us to prepare, pack the needed, and have it within reach when the time comes.
  • Baby duffle bag – Running errands, paying visits, or taking a walk with a baby involves packing a ton of things: diapers, baby bottles, wipes, pacifier, favorite toys, spare clothes, blanket, medicines, etc. They won’t fit in just any bag, so many parents have baby duffle bags that they keep in their stroller basket or in the trunk of their car.

And the list could continue with roll duffle bags, picnic duffle bags, pet duffle bags, or camping duffle bags, but you surely get the picture. Whenever something needs to be carried or stored away convenient, the right duffle bag can save the day. Of course, it would have to have the right size and design, but we have those covered as well.

Various Sizes for All Needs and Purposes

Sometimes, a small duffle bag able to fit a pair of shoes, a towel, and a bottle of water is all you need. Other times an extra-large duffle bag able to fit a ton of things and still have a small pocket empty for last-minute stuff is necessary.

large duffle bags

Extra-large travel duffle bags

At BagzDepot, we offer both small and extra-large duffle bags, plus a wide variety of in-between options. From simple models to more complex designs with several compartments and pockets, we have something for all needs, tastes, and expectations.

small duffle bag

Small Duffle Bags

Exquisite Combinations of Colors and Styles

Each person is unique and has a unique style and taste. Some prefer sporty outfits, while others tend towards elegance. Classic designs are an all-time favorite for many.  Sometimes, the difference lies with the size, shape, and layout of the pockets. Other times, colors, contrasts, and zipper styles are all the fuss.

While black, navy, or camouflage duffel bags are easy to match and don’t show off dust and stains, pastel colors and even neon tones are the favorites of many.

camo duffle bag

Camo duffle bag

At Bagz Depot, we encourage originality, and we ensure freedom of expression by offering duffle bags in all styles and colors. From someone trying to go unnoticed to someone trying to standout, everyone will find something to their liking in our collection.

Stand Out, Send a Message, and Raise Awareness with Personalized Duffle Bags

Whether you’re trying to give your store a personal touch, create a sense of belonging and engage team members, reward and encourage loyalty among customers, or further promote your brand with personalized gifts to your business partners, suppliers, and service providers, our custom duffle bags will do the trick.

Everyone travels, exercises, and needs to carry stuff, so, by offering them, you answer a basic need. By personalizing them, you can make sure your own needs are met. Are you looking to order duffle bags for a sports team, dance squad, or your employees?

Adding the name of the team or squad would engage them and give them a sense of belonging. Adding a sponsor’s logo could be a way to express gratitude and convince the respective sponsor and others to keep investing in your projects.

Branded giveaways are great marketing tools in general. Besides allowing you to make thoughtful gifts and show appreciation, they draw attention to your brand and products/or services. The great thing about duffel bags is that, due to the purpose they serve, they guarantee higher exposure.

If your employee takes their duffle bag to the gym, everyone there will see your logo. Every time a business partner or client carries their bag around at the airport, they will be displaying your brand logo to hundreds, maybe thousands of eyes.

The examples could easily continue, but you surely get the picture. Whether you’re trying to market your own brand or draw attention to a cause, personalized duffle bags are an excellent solution. We can customize them with your logo, a thoughtful message, or your graphics of choice. We can stick to black and white or play with colors as you see fit.

Low Prices, No Compromises!

Whether you’re looking for duffle bags to resell them, to meet your team’s needs, to send a message, or to boost your marketing efforts, we know your budget is limited. We also know that you cannot afford to invest your hard-earned money in low-quality products that would undermine your efforts and goals.

That is why, at Bagz Depot, by cheap duffle bags, we mean low prices but high quality, functionality, and durability. No matter what type of products you are interested in, we can assure you that our duffle bags wholesale prices beat every other offer for similar products.

Whether you want to buy duffle bags in bulk repeatedly or you are just taking advantage of our blank duffle bags wholesale offer to boost your marketing campaign, we will do everything in our power to ensure your satisfaction.

As you may have noticed, we provide free shipping on orders exceeding $200 and 24/7 customer support. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer reps will answer any questions you may have and help you choose the best products for your needs.

Besides wholesale duffle bags, we also offer an impressive range of tote bags, drawstring bags, backpacks, messenger bags, cooler bags, and more. You can choose between screen printing and digital printing, and get specialized help with turning your ideas into reality.

To show you how much we appreciate you as our valued customer, we provide exclusive discounts on high value and regular orders. We have also designed a loyalty program that allows you to earn BagzCoins and redeem them later.

Reach out, express your needs, and we will go to any extent to meet them! And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter in order to receive coupons, discount codes, and updates on our latest wholesale duffle bag deals!

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Written by Bagz Depot — October 02, 2019

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