Personalized gifts are the best gifts. Personalized tote bag gifts are even better, because they are practical, thoughtful and creative. Depending on the recipient, fill up a personalized tote bag with items you know they love. Here are some great personalized tote bag gift ideas.

Bridesmaids Gift Bags

These are usually your best friends or closest family members, so you can really have some fun putting bridesmaids gift bags together. You can theme them all together or you can custom theme them individually, if you’re up to it! If they’re themed together, try including items every woman appreciates. Some great bridesmaid gift bag filler ideas include face masks, aromatherapy candles, jewelry, a blanket, a bottle of wine, chocolates. The list could go on, but you get the point. You could also choose to gift individually if you really know your bridesmaids by tailoring each bag to their preferences.

bridesmaids flower bouquets

Essential Teacher's Bag: Heavy Duty Canvas Tote

Teachers could never be appreciated enough, but we can try. Whether you're a teacher thanking other teachers, a parent thanking your child’s teacher, or you want to tell your own teacher thank you, a teacher gift bag is a perfect way to say it. Fill their tote with necessary school supplies like chalk, dry erase markers and notepads. Specialty coffee, a fun coffee cup, a good pen, a nice water bottle, anything they'll want to keep at their desk throughout the week are great gift ideas. A heavy duty canvas tote is perfect for this idea. If they teach a particular subject, you can theme their tote accordingly. For example, theme a literature teacher’s bag with classic novels, a journal, a candle and a comfy blanket. There are so many fun products out there teachers would love and appreciate, so have fun with it. Best of all, any teacher would love a tote bag as a daily carry for lugging papers, school supplies and homework back and forth. That calls for a quality tote.

binders pens teacher supplies

Care Package

Sometimes life calls for some serious self care. Give your friend a care package gift tote bag filled with products they'll love. Our cotton tote bags is perfect for this present. For a woman, you could fill it with candles, face masks, nail polish, bath salts, anything and everything for a relaxing spa night. For a man, you could include a men's grooming kit, a new razor, shaving cream and cologne. Care packages are a winning gift for holidays, birthdays, or simply just because. 

Hobby Gift Bag: Coolers & Canvas Tote Bags

Depending on who you’re buying for, you can theme their gift tote bag according to their favorite hobby. Everyone appreciates gifts they can use frequently for something they really enjoy. If they love the beach, fill their beach bag with a new towel, sunscreen and sunglasses. Better yet, grab a custom cooler and have it custom printed for them. Fill their cooler up with their favorite cocktails, beer or soda. If gardening is their forte, fill up a canvas tote bag with new gardening tools, seeds and new gloves. Whatever their hobby may be, BagzDepot has a bag to match it.

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Survival Kit Gift Bag

This is a great idea for the adventure enthusiasts in your life. Fill up your canvas drawstring backpack with anything they might need on their next adventure. If they’re hiking, make sure they have essentials like bandages, sunscreen, a water bottle and a compass. Campers need bug spray, a fire starter kit, some instant coffee and a travel coffee mug. Find the perfect canvas tote bag to carry heavy supplies around in with compartments to keep everything organized.

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Charitable Gift Bags for the Homeless

Our reusable grocery bags are perfect to fill with charitable items for the homeless. They’re also easy to buy in bulk and more affordable, so you can purchase as many as you need. Fill charitable gift bags with essentials such as water bottles, socks and packaged snacks. Toiletry items are always in need, so toothbrushes and toothpaste, soap, socks and a blanket are also great items to include in your donation totes. Buy reusable shopping bags in bulk and get to giving. 

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Wedding Gift Bags for the Bride & Groom

Create a wedding gift bag designed for the newlyweds as one, or make them each an individual bride and groom gift tote. If it’s a couples gift, you can custom screen print the bag “Mr. and Mrs,” or have their last name printed or embroidered on it. Make it something they can use on their honeymoon or they’ll want displayed in their home. You can fill it with a gift from their registry, or if you know them really well, throw some fun unique gifts inside that only they’ll understand. If you’re gearing it towards their honeymoon, fill it with a crossword to do while they’re traveling, a couple books or magazines, or even a couple neck pillows. A Polaroid camera is a fun way to capture memories on their trip as well. To create one for just the bride and the other for just the groom, customize one with “Mr.” and one with “Mrs”. or one with “Just” and the other with “Married.” Create the canvas tote gift bags unique to each person.

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We hope you love these ideas & we would love to see your personalized tote bag gift creations! 

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Written by Bagz Depot — May 14, 2019

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