5 Ways To Use Branded Totes For Your Business

One of the best and affordable ways you can promote your company can be through branded tote bags! BagzDepot offer great deals on wholesale totes which you can buy in bulk and brand them with your logo. Every branded tote bag you give out or sell can become a mini walking billboard advertising your company. Here are some great ways you can get them out there:

branded tote bag

 Social Media Contest

Utilize your social media outlets and engage with your followers. Run a contest urging others to promote your business by tagging your company’s profile or promoting a product. Encourage everyone to create a creative product picture. Pick a winner, or a few, and send them a branded tote bag as a prize. You can even fill the tote with products you offer or some other fun items. People love free stuff and social media, use that and come up with some fun contests. You can run them once a month or weekly, maybe run them with whatever events you have going on within your company.

 Trade Shows

Give your branded tote bag out at your trade show booth. Totes and bags are a great item that people love to grab. They’re an item that you can hand out for free and it will help drive more people to your booth. They will use daily and even use to carry other items they accumulate while they’re walking through the trade show. It’s a way to get your name out there at the show that also will follow them home. They also look great being displayed at your booth or sitting at your table. Our wholesale totes are available in bulk and the more you buy the more you save, take advantage of it and brand them all.

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 Sell Them Online or in Store

Depending on what type of business you’re running, wholesale totes are a great item to actually make a small profit on while still getting promotion for your company from them. Display them on stands around your store or at the counter for people to gran while they’re checking out. If you’re an online business you can sell them on your website. Display your branded tote on social media and direct viewers to the link to purchase them online.

 Give To Customers With A Purchase They Make

Branded tote bags are an item that you can buy in bulk for an affordable price. This makes it possible to have as a giveaway item for customers who use your service or purchase products from you. They can even be used as an incentive to spend a certain amount of money with you and if they do they get a free tote.

 Holiday Gifts

Theme your branded totes with a holiday. It could be for any holiday: Christmas, St. Patrick's Day, Valentine’s Day or Halloween. Make your tote fun and festive and give it away to customers during that time. Run a promotion with your tote as a gift giveaway that could be re-gifted by your customers. It could be a gift that customers look forward to every year from your company.

 There are many different ways you can advertise for your company, these are just some of the easiest and effective ways to get your name and brand out there. Branded totes are useful and versatile and can be used in a variety of different ways. We offer so many different types of bags and totes that are able to be bought in bulk and branded with your company’s logo. We have a bag or tote that can be used for any company and that can all fit into your budget.











Written by Bagz Depot — March 03, 2019

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