Between lesson planning, classroom time, and assignment grading, teachers work an estimated 12-16 hours a day!

With such a long workday, teachers need a bag that can carry all of their essentials and won't weigh them down. 

That's why we've come up with the perfect teacher tote bags! From canvas tote bags to crossbody messenger bags for books and other school supplies. For such a low price, parents and teachers can get enough tote bags to go around so that every teacher is ready to go.

Read on to find out why the tote bag is the perfect bag for teachers.

best teacher tote bags 

1. Personalize Your Teacher Tote Bags

Tote bags make the perfect canvas for an inspirational quote or a learning-inspired image! Whether you want to print your tote bag with something that keeps you smiling or something that gets your students excited about learning, we can make it happen.

Plus, with a touch of personalization, you won't run the risk of a bag mix-up with some of your fellow teachers. It's certainly hard to grade when you've got the wrong students' papers!

personalized teacher tote bags

2. Stock Up on Supplies

Teachers spend an estimated $400-500 on classroom supplies every year. Every teacher knows that over time, a ton of those supplies will go missing!

Tote bags are spacious and sturdy, which means that you can bring in extra pencils, erasers, and art supplies with ease. Why leave them at school where they wind up in student's lockers and book bags when you can take them home safe and sound?

3. Leave Room for Snacks

Imagine the days when you've got back-to-back classes and you're on lunch duty. How do you find time to eat that nice, home cooked meal you stashed in the teacher's lounge?

Purses and briefcases may not leave enough room for extra munchies to keep you going throughout the day, but tote bags do! Keep granola bars and snack mix right there in the bag on your desk. You'll never get distracted by your growling stomach during a lesson again!

4. Carry Papers and Notebooks with Ease

You've got essays to grade. You have report cards to fill out. You have student files that need to go home for review.

With a smaller bag, you find yourself carrying all your papers and notebooks in your arms. You toss them down on the passenger seat and at the first red light, they spill all over the floor!

Tote bags are spacious enough that you can easily slip full-sized papers in and out without having to fold or crumple them. Say bye-bye, mess, and hello, organization!

teacher gift bags

Give the Gift of Teacher Tote Bags

Whether you're a grateful parent, proud principal, or giving teacher, why not give the gift of teacher tote bags? We make it easy to buy high-quality tote bags in bulk so that you can spread the love and show your appreciation for the most important people in your lives! 

If you want updates on sales, new items, and limited-time offers, make an account with us! In a fast-paced world, practical gifts are the best gifts, and what's more practical than a tote bag?