Why Use Drawstring Bags? 


Drawstring bags and backpacks are the workhorse of all bags. This is because of their versatility. They are super easy to carry. They’re so lightweight that you can carry them around all day without a problem. They also fold up to travel with. Stick them in your suitcase to use on your trip and they will hardly take up any extra space.

Drawstring bags can carry just about anything

As lightweight as it is, it’s also roomy enough to carry everything you need for the day. Phone, water bottle, wallet and any other essentials are a perfect fit. It’s also great for kids, not to carry them, but for them to use!

Drawstring bags come in a variety of colors

BagzDepot offers discount backpacks in a vast amount of different colors. Order canvas drawstring backpacks bulk in colors to match your event, business, team or even your outfit. Colors range from orange, red, purple, royal blue, yellow, green, etc.

drawstring bags

Cinch Packs are fast to open and close

The drawstring backpack’s strings make it super easy to open and close quickly throughout the day. There won’t be holding anyone up while grabbing your wallet or missing a call when your phone rings.

What are Drawstring Bags Used For?

Sports and outdoor activities

Drawstring backpacks are perfect for sports tournaments and games. It’s easy to throw in any equipment needed for the day. They’re also great for hiking or trips to fairs or the zoo!

nature tents

Promotional products

We’ll get into this even more later on, but they are great promotional gifts for stores and businesses.They always come in handy, are affordable, colorful, and can be customized with your logo!

custom printed drawstring bag

Perfect travel bags

Easily stored and small enough to fit as a carry on. They are great items to gift customers of airlines, travel agencies, travelers and hoteliers.


Perfect for guests in birthdays, weddings, and other parties. They are cheap enough to buy for everyone and can be customized to the event. It’s a really thoughtful thought to give gifts for people who attend your events.

Types of Drawstring Bags


Cotton canvas drawstring backpacks come in over 20 colors and are your goto bag for customizing. They’re a perfect fabric to customize through BagzDepot or even do it yourself by tye dye or any other crafty idea you come up with. We’ve come up with a few ideas here. These canvas drawstring backpacks are also offered at the lowest discount price so it’s affordable to order as many as you need. You can also purchase organic cotton canvas drawstring bags to do even more for your environment!


Polyester drawstring backpacks are great for any occasion. They even come with a front zippers for easy access and secure storage for smaller items. They come in 20 different colors and are super versatile.


Talk about durability. Nylon drawstring backpacks are made with reinforced bottoms. This makes it perfect for being lugged around outside, whether it’s hiking or a sports game. They come in all different colors and the strings match the bag!

drawstring bags assorted


This fleece drawstring backpack gives you the ultimate comfort without sacrificing durability. There are incredibly soft and have a small front pockets for small items you may need to go to frequently. They even come in different colors and prints!

Buying Custom Drawstring Backpacks Bulk

Why buy them in bulk? The answer is simple. The more you buy the more you save! Custom drawstring backpacks are perfect to buy in bulk for sports teams, business events or even family vacations. The best part is that BagzDepot can customize them for you before sending them out. It’s a one stop shop. Custom drawstring backpacks bulk is an affordable way to all of your bulk needs. These backpacks are durable and useful and they can be purchased without breaking the bank. BagzDepot’s wholesale prices are as low as they go.

Exclusive Discounts on Drawstring Bags

BagzDepot offers discounts too! You can get even more of a discount on these discount backpacks. Military, first responders, students and teachers can all reap the benefits of getting even more discounted prices on their orders.

exclusive discounts bagzdepot

Why Use Custom Drawstring Backpacks?

Promote Your Business

This is the top reason you could need custom drawstring backpacks. Purchase custom drawstring backpacks bulk and customize them with your logo. BagzDepot offers both screen printing and digital printing to customize your backpacks. Give out as many as you can and you’ll have mini walking billboards everywhere promoting your company.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great place to go crazy with gifts to promote your business. Order custom drawstring backpacks with your logo and set them up at your booth. Give them away throughout the day. People will most likely collect small promo items from all the different booths so it’s something they’ll actually need to carry around all day.

Client Gifts

Client gifts are always a great idea to say thank you. You could give them away as a thank you if you make a big sale with them or even as christmas or birthday gifts for loyal customers. It’s a gift that everyone can use.


If you own a store, custom drawstring backpacks are a great thing as an add on sale. They’re not expensive and can also be used to replace plastic bags. Set them up front at the register for people to grab.


Giveaways are always a great way to connect with clients and gain new ones. Use custom drawstring backpacks as your giveaway gift. Setup a fun contest on social media or in store and whoever you pick gets a bag.


Fundraisers are a great place to use custom drawstring backpacks. They’re a great thank you gift for attendees and people who donate a certain amount of money. They’re also great to promote the fundraiser beforehand by handing them out while you’re promoting it.

Don’t miss out on giving all you can to your business, team or family. Custom drawstring backpacks are a perfect gift, promotional items, functional bag and travel companion. They come in a ton of different fabrics, colors and sizes. They’re super easy to customize or great to just leave blank as well. Don’t miss out on bulk and wholesale prices. Even with discount backpacks you get the quality you want.  BagzDepot offers any type of bag you might need!

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Written by Bagz Depot — September 23, 2019

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