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Have you been looking for a special way to show your appreciation to your employees, partners, and colleagues?

If so, you know that it can be hard to find a one-size-fits-all gift that truly lives up to that name. After all, your workforce is vast and varied, so deciding on an item that appeals to everyone is a tall order.

When you're up to your eyeballs in options, how do you know where to turn?

That's where we come in. Today, we're sharing a comprehensive guide to 10 corporate gift ideas that everyone in the office can enjoy and appreciate.

Ready to learn more? Let's dive in.

custom canvas tote bags

1. Custom Canvas Tote Bags

Looking for corporate gifts that will last long after the initial newness wears off? Look no further than our customizable canvas tote bags.

Both practical and fashionable, these are a go-to gift that anyone on your list will use for years to come. Get creative with the blank slate and create a one-of-a-kind design that includes your company logo, tagline, and graphics. Then, pass them out to your in-house staff, as well as any remote team members, clients or partners.

Not only will these be a welcome, useful present amid the slew of knickknacks that fill the drawers of most corporate professionals, but they'll also serve as a long-term advertisement for your brand! Any time that someone takes their bag to the store, the ballgame, or on vacation, your message will be on full display. That kind of advertising delivers an impressive ROI that you can't get anywhere else!

Looking for the perfect one? We carry a wide range of canvas tote bags to meet any need. You can select a specific size and color, as well as any special accessories, such as a front pocket or bottom gusset!

Custom hats wholesale

2. Personalized Hats

A baseball hat is a prime example of a gift that will never go out of style. Since the New York Knickerbockers wore the first (straw!) baseball hats in 1849, they've come a long way in terms of comfort and style. Still, they've maintained their same basic shape and appeal since the very beginning. 

That's one of the reasons why they make one of the best corporate gifts!

Need proof? Take a look at our selection.

We offer a variety of different hat and cap styles, all of which you can embroider with your own custom message! Some of the styles we feature include:

  • Soft brushed hats
  • Five-panel twill caps
  • Trucker hats
  • Flexfit mesh-back hats
  • Stretch fit flat bill caps

Choose the style that best fits your recipients, and use our handy online design tool to transform it in seconds! This is an especially great corporate gift to distribute to all of the players on your company-wide kickball or softball team!

custom drawstring bags

3. Drawstring Bags

There's no denying that corporate employees receive their fair share of useless promotional gear. They might use a few items a few time, but for the most part, their desk drawers are crammed full of swag from trade shows years ago.

When they're about to embark on their next networking event or national conference, they'll appreciate the ease and convenience that custom drawstring bags afford. They can use them to stash all the handouts they'll receive, all while keeping their hands free and their back supported.

Made for on-the-go travel and as comfortable as they are stylish, our selection of drawstrings bags is destined to become your one-stop-shop for corporate gift ideas. They're perfect for overnight travel, trips to the grocery store or gym, or simply daily wear!

You can customize any of our drawstring bags with your corporate logo and message, and pass them out as gifts. They're a timeless accessory that goes with anything!

custom t shirts wholesale

4. Company T-Shirts

Who doesn't love a great-fitting, comfortable t-shirt?

Instead of passing out generic ones this year, up your game with a personalized one from our collection. We offer a range of different styles and fits designed to fit any gender, age or preference. Some of the styles you can find include:

  • Women's relaxed t-shirts
  • Women's racerback tanks
  • Classic unisex tanks
  • Raglan 3/4 sleeve t-shirts
  • Short-sleeved unisex t-shirts

Use your imagination and turn that blank slate into the company showcase of your dreams! You can choose from many different shirt colors, as well as fonts and font colors. Find a combination of hues that matches your company color scheme, and you can create a mass collection of shirts.

Keep these on hand to pass out as employee and partner gifts at any time of the year. The best part? You can also use them in your next promotional campaign! Any time someone wears your shirt in the future, you have a chance to get as many eyes as possible on your brand. 

custom lunch cooler bags wholesale

5. Lunch Cooler Bags

Why not make their trip to the break room a little more fun?

Corporate lunch cooler bags come in many different styles, including rolling coolers, messenger-style bags, cube coolers, and more! These are also completely customizable, allowing you to create a specialized product in seconds!

Insulated and practical, these bags aren't run-of-the-mill totes. Rather, they're full of special touches that your employees will appreciate as they carry them to the cafeteria every day. From dual front mesh pockets to padded shoulder handles, we've taken every detail into consideration so you don't have to.

This would be a fun gift to give at the next company potluck or customer appreciation dinner, as it goes along with the food theme! They will also make great corporate thank you gifts. You can even pass these out at athletic games and sporting events, paired with customized water bottles!

custom notebooks wholesale

6. Professional Notebooks

If they're going to be in meetings all day, you can make their notetaking a little easier with a custom, professional notebook.

These are easy to customize with your company's logo and message and are a sleek and sophisticated way to show your appreciation to clients, employees, and partners alike. Pair it with a great-quality customized pen, and you've got a gift that looks great without breaking the bank. You can choose a thin notebook designed to fit in their pocket, an oversized one with plenty of room, or a range of options in between. 

Want to really make an impression? Slide one of these notebooks into a stylish custom bag, like one of our jute burlap gift bags!

Fill the rest of the bag with some fun, branded company items and you've got a functional gift that they'll appreciate for years. When you shop our selection of bulk gift bags, you can save money as your quantity increases, so stock up and keep plenty on hand!

custom tech gifts wholesale

7. Tech Accessories

From a branded phone charger to a pair of wireless headphones, there are myriad tech accessories and gadgets that your entire team will adore. While some can get pricey, you can find plenty of wholesale suppliers that can help slash the cost without sacrificing quality.

Think about the jobs that your workforce is tasked with accomplishing each day, and consider what kinds of gear would make their lives a little easier. For instance, if they're behind a desk all day working in files, a portable USB storage device with your company logo on it is an ideal gift. Or, if they're used to giving presentations in front of a big group, you can consider gifting them a personalized stylus pen!

Ultimately, the right choice will hinge on what their duties include and what items they'll find the most practical. As most of these items are on the smaller side, they'll fit perfectly in a small cotton canvas drawstring bag! Fill it up the rest of the way with other techie-friendly goodies, such as an industry magazine, screen cleaner, and mousepad!

 custom calendars wholesale

8. Calendars

Although most of us now keep a running, digital calendar on our smartphones, there's still a place for a paper calendar, especially when it's tacked up on an office bulletin board!

This is a fun and unique way to keep your team abreast of all the important company events you have coming up in the new year. Not only can you design the front of the calendar to feature your company's logo and message, but you can also pepper in all kinds of special reminders.

Consider adding in employee birthdays, conference dates, holidays, and more! You can even use this space to mark off the dates that your corporate team will be on vacation or traveling, so all team members know when they'll be out of the office.

Want to really make the cover special? Why not add a photo that showcases your team?

This can be a posed picture taken in front of your office, or a candid shot of your crew hard at work. This is a special way to commemorate their contribution to your company and help them stay on-task and up-to-date at the same time! Then, select 12 other special images to display at the top of each month! Give each of your team members a calendar and be sure to post one in a commons area, such as the break room!

custom books wholesale

9. Coffee Table Books

A coffee table book is a relatively inexpensive gift that makes a huge impact. The only problem? A trip to the bookstore can be confusing and overwhelming! There are a ton available and it can be difficult to know where to begin your search.

To help direct your focus, think about your industry. Is your company technology-based? Do you provide healthcare services? Are you a local mom-and-pop grocer? 

Regardless of the answer, start by looking for books that talk about your niche. For instance, if you're a photographer, you could find a coffee table book filled with the most stunning images from the past 10 years. Tech gurus can gift a book all about software trends and how far innovation has taken us. Think outside the box and look for a book that they'll love to display for years to come.

When you're ready to wrap these corporate gifts, save the wrapping paper and the hassle. Instead, place each book inside a large canvas tote bag adorned with your logo!

custom fanny packs wholesale

10. Fanny Packs

Fanny packs are making a major comeback and it isn't hard to see why. They offer the ultimate in hands-free convenience, allowing you to travel with ease and security. With a fanny pack around their waists or slung over their shoulders, your employees can rest assured that their belongings are secure and close by.

When you shop our selection of wholesale fanny packs, you'll find that there is a wider variety than the standard ones you wore and loved in the nineties! Today, you can also find clear versions, ones with attached water bottles, slender waist packs and even fanny packs with cell phone holders. You can also select from leather, cloth, embroidered and even felt fabrics!

Design your custom corporate bag and pass them out at your next team event!

corporate gift ideas

Find the Corporate Gift Ideas They'll Love

Corporate gift ideas don't have to be boring or generic.

Thanks to the myriad product customization options available today, you can attach your logo, tagline, and imagery to almost any item you can think of. However, not every item is appropriate in a corporate setting. 

Looking for professional, top-quality promotional corporate gifts you can rely on to make a great impression? That's where we come in!

We offer a vast range of customizable gear just waiting for you to make it your own. From t-shirts to tote bags, you can shop our inventory and find the exact corporate gift you need.

If you have any questions along the way, be sure to contact us!

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