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6 Appealing Reasons to Buy an Organic Cotton Tote Bag



Did you know why the Cotton Tote bags are all the rage right now?

However, why are these cross body bags so much in demand?

If you're looking to make an investment, here are a few reasons why these will be a good idea:

They are definitely fashionable accessories

  • Tote bags are just as fashionable as they are functional. To wit, you have a wide array of quality cotton Tote bags available to you that will be able to provide you with a stylish look and give make for an awesome everyday handbag. If you want, you can easily get a designer Tote bag with a designer label. However, you can also get one from shoe shops, boutiques, and accessory stores.

Their large size

  • This is definitely one of the most important reasons why you need a Tote bag of any kind.
  • Tote bags are big and very spacious. This means that they are rooms and have the ability to hold quite a lot of stuff. It will be pretty easy for you to fit everything that you will need for a full day of work or play into a Tote bag, and you will definitely still have enough space to accommodate even more. 

They provide versatility

  • You can easily find more than a thousand uses for a Tote bag. You can use one as a shopping bag, a gym bag, a beach bag a work bag, a school bag, and much more. Their versatility is definitely an advantage, and you can rest assured that regardless of what you use them for, they are able to work pretty well.
  • Also, they work with a wide array of ensembles; official wear, and even tennis shoes and casual attire.

You get different variations

  • There are quite a lot of variations of the Tote bag, each of which is able to effectively meet your needs. Cotton Tote bags are definitely the most popular, and this is because they are the most comfortable and effortless of the different variations available.

Their durability is unmatched

  • Tote bags are incredibly durable, and they are able to last over a long period of time. As a matter of fact, with proper care, a cotton Tote bag will definitely be able to last you a couple of years.

They are re-usable.

  • No matter the style or color, it is definitely possible for you to reuse a cotton Tote bag. They can be easily recycled, and you can make use of them time and again. Also, due to the fact that Tote bags weren't specifically made for a specific purpose, you can easily use them for whatever it is you decide.

Written by Bagz Depot — March 29, 2018

Ten Great New Uses for Canvas Tote Bags

Available in an assortment of sizes and colors, canvas tote bags are the perfect solution for all your carrying needs. Since tote bags can be used for so many different things, they're the ideal product for businesses to hand out at trade shows, conventions and special events as a promotional item. Plus, tote bags can easily be customized with names, dates, events and images to make them stand out from the crowd.

The ways you can use tote bags are practically limitless, but we've narrowed the list to the top ten best uses for canvas tote bags. Here are our suggestions:

1. Grocery Bags

grocery store

As more and more cities are banning the use of plastic disposable bags in an effort to help protect the environment, the use of tote bags for groceries is becoming more popular. Even if you live in an area that hasn't banned plastic bags yet, you may want to get a jump on this trend and do your part to save the planet by bringing reusable tote bags on all your grocery store trips.

2. Beach Bags


Whether you're heading to the beach or the lake, tote bags are perfect for carrying all your essentials for a day of fun in the sun. Fill your heavy-duty canvas tote bags with towels, sunscreen, toys, books, snacks and anything else you might need for a day of relaxation. To keep a picnic fresh, these large canvas cooler tote bags are a great option. 

3. Overnight Bags

If you're going out of town for just a night or two, it may not make sense to pack a full suitcase. Tote bags are the perfect size for carrying the things you need for a quick getaway. Pack a change of clothes, a toiletry bag and other overnight items in a handy tote bag and you're set to hit the road. For the perfect weekender bag, shop these roomy zip-top tote bags

4. Gym Bags

exercise gym weights

Who needs a fancy gym bag when you could use a tote bag instead? Toss your sneakers, workout gear and a water bottle into a tote bag and head straight to the gym.

5. Gift Bags

gift wrapping

Skip the wrapping paper and use a colorful tote bag to conceal your gift instead. Not only is it a creative way to wrap a present but it's really like getting two gifts in one as the recipient can use the tote bag too. has a ton of options available so you can pick the perfect shape and size, then use our screen print services to customize your order!

6. Laundry Bags


Whether you have to haul your laundry across the hall to the washing machine or across town to the laundromat, canvas tote bags are an easy way to move a pile of laundry from point A to point B. Plus, they're more discreet than the mesh laundry bags so you can avoid showing your undergarments to the rest of the world. These large basket style canvas tote bags are a great laundry bag option. 

7. Activity Bags

Planning a road trip with a child can be a challenge for parents but the experience can become more pleasant with a little preparation. Use a canvas tote bag to hold an assortment of games, books and other car friendly activities. The tote bag will help keep everything organized and will limit the amount of options to one bag to keep the back-seat clutter to a minimum. 

8. Diaper Bags


Babies need a lot of stuff to get through the day, but an official diaper bag isn't necessary if you have a tote bag handy. Canvas tote bags have plenty of room to hold all your baby's gear, from diapers and wipes to snacks and a change of clothes. Keep your diaper tote organized by choosing a bag with compartments, like this handy on-the-go tote

9. Craft Bags


From knitting to painting, arts and crafts are best when they're easily transportable. Take your project with you by storing all your supplies in a convenient canvas tote bag. There's no need to be confined to your home when there's a whole world of inspiration waiting for you! *Sidenote: if you’re the crafty type, be sure to go check out BagzDepot’s Pinterest account for tons of low-budget, fun and creative DIY craft ideas for totes of all types! 

10. Party Favors

The practicality and usefulness of tote bags make them the perfect party favor to weddings, showers, birthdays and all kinds of special occasions. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness of getting them a gift that they can reuse, like this great canvas wine bag

As you can see, canvas tote bags can be used in so many ways. Find a tote bag for every occasion at -- we offer the best quality products at wholesale prices (to the public!) - what’s not to love? Also, be sure to check out BagzDepot on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest!


Written by Bagz Depot — March 28, 2018

10 Ways to Use Reusable Tote Bags


10 Uses for Reusable Tote Bags You Wish You Thought of Earlier

Reusable tote bags are sturdy, practical, and remarkably versatile. Although they make excellent grocery bags, they have a number of other uses that can make your life even easier. From traveling applications to thoughtful gifts, here are 10 ways to use reusable tote bags that’ll change your life.

1.Thoughtful Gifts

Tearing through wrapping paper is a time-honored tradition for any celebration. Wrapping a thoughtful gift in a reusable tote bag can accomplish the same function without wasting paper or sacrificing any of the thrill. For example, jute burlap wine bags make stylish and practical gifts, and same goes for colorful cotton tote goodie bags. The only limit is your imagination, so go wild! Use’s custom screen printing service to create personalized and beautiful bags for all of your gift-giving needs.

2. Gym Bags

Drawstring backpacks are the perfect companion for your gym trips. There's more than enough room for a change of clothes, water bottles, pre- or post-workout snacks, and your phone -- plus, they’re washable! 

3. Picnics, Beach Visits, and Day Trips

Heavy canvas totes carry your snacks, blankets, sunscreen, and whatever else you need to have fun in the sun. You can also keep cool with cooler bags to keep your drinks and snacks chilled -- check out our selection at!

4. Airplane Carry-On

Tote bags are simple and stylish enough so you can fly fashionably, all while avoiding overly complicated hang-ups at baggage check. They can accommodate a variety of in-air accessories, from laptops and snacks to comfy neck pillows, so your trip is as comfy as it is convenient.

5. New Mom’s Best Friend

Reusable tote bags can hold everything new moms need to make it through their day. Totes can keep diapers, wipes, bottles, and more well organized and within reach when needed. They’re also washable, which is a big deal considering the less, well, glamorous parts of child-rearing.

6. Affordable and effective marketing

Getting your business's name out there doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg -- not when reusable tote bags offer such an appealing (not to mention budget-friendly) solution. Spread your brand by sending us your logo or design and get custom screen printed tote bags from

7. Shopping Trip Distraction Kit

When you're in a hurry and can't afford to wander down every aisle at your kids’ request, a reusable tote bag stuffed with distractions can get you in and out in a jiffy. Stuff it with snacks, toys, or whatever else will allow you to shop in peace -- and it serves as an extra backup shopping bag, too.

8. An Eco-Friendly Statement

Finally -- the only answer you'll ever need to the “paper or plastic” question. Reusable tote bags secure your groceries while reducing your carbon footprint at the same time for an environmentally sound statement. They can be fashion-forward too when you get yours custom-printed, so others can follow your lead.

9. Dedicated Book Bags

If you've never been able to keep your library books all in one place, it's not too late. Instead of scattering them all across the house, organize them in a gusseted tote bag so everything’s nice and tidy for the next trip.

10. Laundry Bag 

Avoid having to pick up loose pieces of clothing before heading to the laundromat with a deluxe reusable tote bag. Handles and sturdy material makes lugging laundry loads an easy carry every time.

How do you use YOUR reusable tote bags? Share your ideas with us, and check out even MORE ideas at our Pinterest page!

Written by Bagz Depot — February 27, 2018

Practical, Personal DIY Tote Bag Ideas

“If you want something done right, do it yourself.” We’ve all muttered that famous saying before fixing a leaky faucet, or rushing to soccer practice with a carful of kids when the other parents drop the ball. But although it has practical applications, that phrase applies to creative pursuits, too. Whether you’re a blushing bride with a laundry list of things to do or a Mommy with Hobbies, DIY tote bags might be just what you’ve been looking for to add a little extra spice and convenience to your life!

Bags for Brides

As the bride-to-be, you want the Big Day to be anything but ordinary - from the hors d’oeuvres to your bridesmaid gifts. But forget the initials-emblazoned jewelry - if you want to give your bridesmaids something you know they’ll use more than once, you have to think outside the box … and think inside the bag instead! Personalized tote bags make practical gifts that are far more useful than the typical souvenirs and knickknacks.

Personalize each bag by printing a nickname, an inside joke, or a favorite quote onto each bridesmaid’s bag that represents the strong bond you have with them. You can even design them to match the theme of your wedding, making for a completely memorable keepsake.

Need a few ideas? Check out our Wedding, Holiday, & Events Pinterest board for an array of adorable/inspiring/amusing examples!

Come to think of it, a personalized tote might also make a nice basket alternative for your flower girl, which brings us to our next topic...

Bags for Kids

You know how creative your kids can get - there’s oodles of enjoyment to be had from everyday objects (a simple cardboard box has literally thousands of uses!). Even tote bags can fuel your little ones’ imaginations - that is, when you provide them with the right materials and some good, old-fashioned adult supervision. Give your tykes a little paint and some smooth stones and let them create tic-tac-tote boards for playtime on the go. They’ll go tote-ally wild for ‘em!

Check out these 7 DIY tote crafts for your creative kids!

Bags for Crafty Folks

Wine and painting parties are so 2015. All new mediums are needed to express your overflowing creativity! One underappreciated medium that is becoming an increasingly common canvas for crafty types looking to expand their artistic horizons is none other than - yep, you guessed it - the tote bag! At the end of your project, you’ll have a piece of art you can take with you to the store (instead of it collecting dust on the floor of your den). But why stop at using markers and paints? You can sew cloth and other materials onto your tote bag for a three-dimensional, multi-medium effect, or go old-school Lisa Frank style with stickers and gobs of glitter for a truly technicolor creation.

Believe us - one compliment while waiting in line at the supermarket is all it’ll take. You’ll feel a profound sense of satisfaction when you reply “‘Who made this?’ Why, I did!” And the best part is it came from your own noggin.

Have you come across an inspiring tote bag idea? Or have you made your own creation that has drawn the admiration from everyone you know? Share it on Facebook and make sure to tag our Facebook page, tweet us at @BagzDepot, or tag us on Instagram (@BagzDepot). For more fun and inspiring DIY ideas, visit our Pinterest page: @BagzDepot.

Written by Bagz Depot — January 16, 2018

Branding on a Budget - Reusable Bags and Totes

marketing your business and brand with tote bags

The holiday season is the busiest time of the year for most businesses, but it can be tough to stand out. Catching (and keeping) the attentions of consumers as they hustle and bustle about is difficult enough WITHOUT the holiday craze… it's truly a year-round challenge to keep your brand at top-of-mind without breaking your own marketing budget. Well, allow us to present a solution that keeps you on-budget this bustling holiday season AND gives your brand a boost! Reusable promotional tote bags have immense marketing value due to the following features:

  • Year-round consumer appeal
  • Practical, everyday use
  • Eco-friendly value
  • Business budget-friendliness

Although many people shop with reusable bags and totes nowadays, one important question remains: How do you get customers to choose YOURS to store their groceries and goods over the others? We’ve outlined several ways you can make reusable bags a strong (and budget-friendly!) part of your year-round marketing efforts.

Make Your Promotional Tote Bags Irresistibly Good-Looking

Got a flashy logo or memorable business slogan? Emblazon your bags with custom lettering and graphics to build your brand! Business logo designs and inspiration can take the form of catchy slogans and eye-catching graphics, which lets your business take center stage in the customer’s mind.

BagzDepot allows you to mix and match the colors of your reusable totes without charging you extra, providing your customers with options to express their personality, all while boosting your brand’s visibility!

Choose to Reuse (and Reap the Branding Benefits)

Traditionally, print ads or other marketing materials like stickers and flyers can get your business’s message across… but why not put your clever marketing messages on items your customers will use every day? Traditional print ads and stickers are applied to static locations, making them only effective in the areas they’re viewed. However, reusable bags and totes can allow your brand to accompany your customers wherever they go. What’s more, the effectiveness of reusable bags is also backed up by research: a 2012 study reported that the ROI of reusable bags was estimated to be higher than that of radio/outdoor ads.

Reusable bags are also eco-friendly! Consumers are especially environmentally conscious these days. With so many plastic bag bans occurring across the U.S., consumers often choose the reusable route for their bagging needs to make the smallest impact on the environment.

Create Loyal Customers and Keep Costs Low

It’s no secret that plenty of businesses pay big bucks on holiday marketing campaigns. But you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve seasonal success. Buying reusable tote bags wholesale nets you big branding potential - and even BIGGER savings! Depending on the material you choose you can find options for under $2 a bag, allowing you to create a cost-effective campaign that can yield results far in the future. And the best part? The price per bag goes down the more you order, saving your business even MORE money in the long run.

Got a great idea for your reusable bag branding? Or need a few pointers on where to start? Visit today. 

Written by Bagz Depot — December 11, 2017

Three Simple reasons to buy Organic Reusable Tote Bags



Obviously, there are GREAT reasons to avoid plastic bags. For example, you may already know how they cause wildlife-destroying pollution, needless oil consumption, and endocrine-disrupting chemicals. They also AREN’T necessary. It’s crazy to think how much society depends on them today: after all, plastic produce bags only came into being in the 1960s; plastic grocery bags, a decade later.


So here are three very simple reasons to use re-usable bags, and specifically organic ones!


  1. Plastic bags take anywhere from 15 to 1000 years to decompose.
  2. Only 1 percent of plastic bags are recycled in the United States. The rest end up in landfills, the ocean, or some other place in the environment. There’s actually a giant garbage heap made mostly of plastic floating in the ocean that’s twice the size of the United States.
  3. Organic cotton is grown without pesticides and is typically certified using global standards while traditional Cotton production involves a raw, natural fiber, but requires more chemicals than any other crop.


Have you started using reusable bags yet? Maybe now is a good time to start. Click here for organic bags under $3….who said organic living was expensive? Here’s my favorite one, it’s also less than $3.  It’s a no-brainer!


See more of awesome blogs about organic lifestyle...

Written by Aimee Tariq — November 20, 2017

Make the most of the Holidays with Tote Bags

make the most of the holidays with tote bags from

Ways to Make the Holiday Season Easier Using Tote Bags

The holiday gift giving season is upon us, which means it's time to start making your list and checking it twice. While you may think that it's the gift inside the wrapping that matters the most, you can incorporate branded tote bags as part of the present and make it a two-in-one gift. Of course, you can always use custom reusable bags for your own holiday needs too.

Make Holiday Shopping Easier with Custom Printed Tote Bags

As you prepare for the huge holiday feasts and bake all the sweet treats of the season, you'll likely find yourself making several trips to the grocery store. Say no to paper and plastic bags at the check out and bring your own custom reusable bags to hold all your groceries. Not only are holiday tote bags practical but they're also good for the environment.

Gift Bags Make Wonderful Corporate Holiday Gifts

If you own a large company, chances are that you don't have the time or resources to devote to finding personalized gifts for all your employees. Instead, you can spread some holiday cheer by making Christmas gift bags and filling them with a treat that everyone can enjoy, like a fragrant candle or a bag of candy. You can even make company branded tote bags so your employees can demonstrate their work spirit beyond the work space.

Give the Gift of Wine and Wrap It In Wine Gift Bags

Wine is a traditional hostess gift for holiday parties and many people would appreciate a nice bottle to add to their wine rack. Make the present stand out with wine bottle gift bags that can be customized using tote bag printing. Not sure if the recipient drinks wine? You can swap the wine for a bottle of sparkling cider too and still use the same wine bottle gift bags as wrapping.

Customize Gift Bags for Personalized Holiday Gifts

Instead of purchasing pre-made gift bundles at the store, select a few small gifts and wrap them in festive Christmas gift bags. These personalized holiday gifts carry more meaning than the mass produced ones and you can select specific items to match each person individually. For instance, you can give a school-themed one to your child's teacher, a dog-themed one to your dog walker and more.

Toss the Wrapping Paper and Use Drawstring Gift Bags Instead

 Wrapping paper, tissue paper and paper gift bags are often discarded after one use but drawstring gift bags are the gift that keeps on giving. These custom reusable bags, which come in a wide variety of sizes to conceal small to mid-sized gifts, can be used for storage throughout the year. The gift bags can be personalized using tote bag printing to make the gift even more special. From a 3x4 inch bag to a 12x14 inch, there are lots of creative uses for custom printed tote bags.

Written by Bagz Depot — November 16, 2017

What is the story of Reusable shopping bags, Canvas Tote Bags and Cotton Tote Bags?


  • reusable shopping bag, sometimes called bag-for-life is a type of shopping bag which can be reused many times. It is an alternative to single-use paper or plastic bags. It is often made from fabrics such as canvas, cotton, woven, natural fibers such as Jute, burlap, woven synthetic fibers, or a thick plastic that is more durable than disposable plastic bags, allowing multiple uses.
  • Reusable shopping bags are kind of a carrier bag, which are available for sale at Some reusable bags have been found to contain high amounts of lead. Reusable bags require more energy to produce than common plastic shopping bags. one reusable bag requires the same amount of energy as an estimated 28 traditional plastic shopping bags or eight paper bags. "If used once per week, four or five reusable bags will replace 520 plastic bags a year" .
  • First introduced in the US in 1977, plastic shopping bags for bagging groceries at stores flourished in the 1980s and 1990s, replacing paper bags. In 1990s, governments in some countries started to impose taxes on distribution of disposable plastic bags or to regulate the use of them. Some supermarkets have encouraged shoppers to stop using disposable plastic bags, by for example offering inexpensive reusable shopping bags or providing information on plastic bags' environmental damage. The physical shape of reusable shopping bags is often different than was typical before the prevalence of plastic bags.
  • Many supermarkets encourage the use of reusable shopping bags to increase sales and profit margins. Most non woven polypropylene bags cost $0.10-0.25 to produce but are sold for $0.99-$3.00 at the supermarkets but at you can find these non woven reusable shopping bags selling at as low as $0.40. The money BagzDepot saves on manufacturing its own reusable bags is the money you save. Since 1999, 6.25 billion reusable bags were imported into the United States for resale and giveaways. Most U.S. grocery store customers do not bring their own bags and many reusable bags go unused by customers, according to a 2008 article in the Wall Street Journal.
  • The increasing use of jute and juco bags (a mix of cotton and jute) has provided a natural alternative to single-use plastic bags and reusable plastic bags. These are found in many of the major supermarkets and over 50 million have been sold in the UK alone. These bags have a 3-4 year lifespan and so are often seen as the ecological option. Reusable plastic bags do not have a simple end of life disposal route. Many are made of mixed plastics so they cannot be easily recycled or are so highly colored the only reuse is black bin bags which are energy intensive to convert.
  • Jute bags have become a crossover product from an alternative to plastics to a fashion/shopper accessory. Jute bags will last for about 4 years - if used correctly will replace over 600 single bags. At end of life, they can be used as planters for growing garden vegetables.
  • Reusable shopping bags are all the rage today and are quickly replacing plastic shopping bags in many homes and stores. Among the types popularly available, canvas tote bags are more common and widely preferred over other types.  More advertisers are turning to custom canvas bags to tout their brands than any other kind. Almost everyone owns at least one.  But just what is the material known as canvas actually made of?
  • Many people mistakenly think that "canvas" refers to the material it's comprised of.  Actually, "canvas" refers to the fabric's weave, not its material content.  It is plain-woven, a very basic weave that produces a strong and sturdy fabric.  Furthermore, canvas can be made into different varieties depending on how tightly the threads are woven together.  Tighter weaves are referred to as "duck canvas."
  • In fact, canvas can be made of several different types of fibers.  However, it is most commonly made from cotton (from cotton plant) or linen (from the flax plant) and sometimes hemp (from the cannabis plant). 

Why Does Canvas Make a Good Material for a Custom Tote Bag?

  • You're probably familiar with some of the common uses of canvas.  It's one of the preferred fabrics for manufacturing tents because it is so strong.  Canvas tents are able to withstand heavy winds and are resistant to snags and tears.  When treated with a waterproof coating they also keep the rain out. 
  • Canvas is also used as a surface for painting.  The reason for this has a little bit to do with its durability, but even more to do with the fact that canvas accepts paint well.  Colors won't bleed and paint won't flake off as with other surfaces.  Canvas is also very flexible.  It can be stretched to fit over a frame for painting and display.  Finally, canvas is relatively inexpensive so it is an affordable surface for painting on.
  • All of the things that make canvas ideal for painting on are the same things that make it perfect for use in constructing canvas tote bags.  The material makes a strong, durable bag that is also lightweight, so it's practical for packing full of groceries or books.  Plus, it readily accepts ink during the imprinting process with little or no bleeding.  The imprint won't peel or flake off afterward.  Custom canvas bags can even washed without damaging the bag or the imprint.
  • Since canvas is made from natural materials, canvas is considered to be environmentally friendly.  Cotton, flax and hemp plants are all renewable resources that can be grown easily without harming the environment.  Plus, one reusable bag is estimated to be equal to 700 plastic bags when used regularly.  So advertisers can feel good about choosing promotional canvas tote bags, and shoppers may prevent hundreds of bags from entering landfills over the lifespan of a single custom canvas bag.
  • Canvas is an extremely tough and long lasting fabric. It is known for its durability and utilized for its sturdiness. Some of the characteristics canvas is known for are that its coarse, plain woven, and versatile. Since 3000 B.C., canvas has been incorporated into our industries and continue to be a popular choice of fabric for many items, including tote bags. In fact, Canvas tote bags have grown in popularity over the years due to a growing trend in people wishing to be more Eco-Friendly. The use of canvas tote bags cut down on the need for plastic or paper shopping bags, which are considered economically “un-friendly.” You will also likely find that using a canvas tote bag, instead of a paper or plastic bag, will allow you to carry your purchases more easily since many canvas tote bags can be carried on the shoulder and hold more products.
  • Most canvas material today is made up of cotton, but there are still some producers who use hemp, linen, and other textiles to manufacture their canvas. Historically, canvas was made from hemp and the word “canvas” is thought to be derived from the Latin word meaning made from hemp. The use of cotton or linen to make canvas is a relatively modern concept.
  • Canvas is different from other heavy cotton fabrics because it is made using a plain weave instead of a twill weave, which is how denim is made. Canvas is classified in two ways in the United States. The first way canvas is classified is by its weight. Canvas weight is measured in ounces per square yard. Secondly, canvas is classified using a graded number system. When considering the weight classification of canvas, higher numbers are considered lighter fabric. Thus, a number 8 canvas is lighter than a number 3 canvas.
  • There are two basic types of canvas. The first type of canvas is the plain canvas and the second type is called duck canvas. Duck canvas is a more tightly woven type of canvas than plain canvas. Canvas is used to make a variety of commonly used products including tents, hammocks, clothing, shoes, and of course, tote bags!
  • Canvas cotton bags are more sturdy compared to cotton bags because canvas tote bags are intensely sewn during their manufacturing stage. Hence, they can carry heavier items and last more years compared to cotton tote bags. Additional to what cotton tote bags can carry, canvas tote bags can even carry large size books. Because of its durable material, canvas totes are also perfect for detailed logos. Heat transfer, iron on, and screen print can be done easily. The canvas material is durable to more than 350 Fahrenheit. Moreover, their canvas material is excellent for any kind of embroideries. An average size canvas bag weights about 6-12 oz. 
  • Overall, the material of tote bag should be picked depending on its usage. Although cotton tote bags are more durable, great for screen printing, compared to the other kind of bags, canvas tote bags are even more durable and last longer. 

Help the Environment and get some reusable shopping bags either canvas tote bags or cotton tote bags at to reduce the use of plastic shopping bags.

Written by Bagz Depot — November 01, 2017 Announces Wholesale Offerings to the Public

Bagz Depot Announces Wholesale Offerings

of Their Custom-Printed or Plain Eco-Friendly Tote Bags

The eCommerce site sells numerous styles of bags that
customers can custom-design. New wholesale options give
organizations a cost-effective approach to promoting their
Huntington Beach, California, June 30, 2017 (

- Fast-growing online bag retailer Bagz Depot is announcing that it will be making
their inventory available at wholesale prices for large companies and organizations.
Wholesale buyers will be able to apply logos, custom lettering or graphics onto a variety of
bag types and colors and have orders printed, shipped and delivered within 7-10 days.
The large orders feature is ideal for organizational use at conventions, trade shows, farmers
markets, promotional tents, and during giveaways, among other events. Eco-friendly cotton
and canvas tote bags are a popular choice because of their cost and a lasting value that
maintains usefulness many times over.
Owner Hakan Aydemir said that the company offers pricing tiers that allow customers to
save incremental amounts of money per bag on large orders. He said his company's 24/7

customer support with live chat as well as lowest price guarantee puts Bagz Depot head-
and-shoulders above other promotional merchandise suppliers.

"Customers can order up to 5,000 to 100,00 bags
and they'll be getting a way better deal than buying
just a few hundred bags. Also, customers who
spend 200 or more get free two-day delivery as
prime service," said Aydemir, "it definitely helps to
advertise their businesses, and it's a great way to boost giveaways and promotions."
According to BrandWatch, market research has proven promotional merchandise like the
logo and product bags have a positive impact on brand awareness. In a 2012 study, survey
subjects who received promotional goods reported keeping the items for long periods of
time, in many cases over a year. A large percentage of those surveyed reported that they
did not forget the name of the organization that handed out the merchandise. Further,
return on investment (ROI) was estimated to be greater than radio and outdoor ads, and
comparable to ROI on print and television advertising.
Aydemir added that wholesale orders for canvas bags without custom printing are
also popular among schools who use them for art projects. Other frequent customers
include churches, weddings, bridesmaids, venues and large corporations who stand to
benefit from a more wholesale-based pricing structure. Aside from a considerable range of
products available for customizing, Bagz Depot also sells duffle bags, briefcases, laptop bags,
coolers, backpacks and drawstring bags.
Bagz Depot is headquartered in Huntington Beach, California, and has been in
operation since 2014. The company utilizes numerous warehouses throughout the United
States for the quick fulfillment of any-sized order and hassle-free returns. Products are
available for shipping anywhere in the United States and Canada.
For more information, or to make a press inquiry, contact or call
(714) 604-9432.
Source: Bagz Depot

Written by Hakan Aydemir — July 28, 2017

Using Blank Canvas Tote Bags for DIY Craft Projects


DIY or Do It Yourself is becoming extremely popular in today’s world since it is promoting small hacks and is a good way to stay busy and get creative when you are free. Well, were you looking for some DIY stuff that is not so much costly? Do you want your tote bags to get different looks so that when you get back, you see things in place? In the following article, we will discuss how you can make your canvas tote bags look better in different senses:

  • Sports
A sports lover will definitely find love for the bags. Get your paints on with you, have some nice place with some good music and paint your heart out on the tote bag. You will cherish the bag and the time you spent on making that bag. You can carry football, basketball, swim trunks, towels, waters, refreshments for the game related stuff in that, or even if you don’t do that, there will always be a feeling of a sport fashion with you.


    • Travel

            Well, who doesn’t like to travel? The world is open and everyone should travel. You can show your interest in traveling by hanging a small crafted ship on the bag, a crafted vintage car or may be an aero plane. You can add to its beauty by painting a different kind of stuff on it so that it looks better.


      • Marketing

               You can use your tote bag as a marketing tool. If you have something that you want the world to hear and you can’t afford a marketing campaign, then why not paint or get screen-printing on the bags with the marketing stuff and let it go on with the people so that whenever they use it, they will think of your name or brand.


        • Wedding Gifts Bag - Party Favor Goodie Bag


               These bags can also be used for decoration since they have pretty adaptability. You can turn them into rustic wedding gifts, party favors, giveaways etc. Weather It is a beautifully painted tote bag on the wall for a decoration, or it is a classic window that wants a decoration, the tote bag is there for your help at a very low cost.


          • Music

                 If you love a song, and you want others to hear it, then why not let it go with the stuff by  writing it on the bag and let everyone see what you love. It will make yourself happy. You can write the lyrics you love from the song with fabric marker.


            • Quotes

                  Well, you can also write famous quotes from the famous men and women. It will be a part of learning for others.


              • Awareness

                    If there is something that you want everyone around you to take notice off, you can get it on by presenting it on your canvas tote bag, then it may be something that can catch attraction and will make you get your goal.

                So, what are you waiting for? There are so many things you can do with the canvas tote Bags. Shop Now!

                Written by Amit Bhaskar — July 25, 2017


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