Drawstring Bags: Why Every College Needs Drawstring Backpacks

Whether you’re toting books around campus, traveling, hiking or heading to the gym, drawstring bags have your back, literally. BagzDepot has drawstring bags for any occasion, available in a variety of different colors, fabrics and sizes. Drawstring backpacks are perfect for colleges and universities to customize with their school logo. Purchasing custom wholesale drawstring bags in bulk saves you money and gives your students a great quality bag. The more you buy, the more you save so showing school spirit has never looked so good or been so easy.

assorted drawstring bags in different colors

Drawstring Backpacks For Campus Bookstores

Our drawstring backpacks are the ideal item to customize with your school colors and logo to place in all bookstores around campus. Our bags are tough enough to carry textbooks from class to class and large enough to throw in school supplies and whatever else students might need to lug around daily. Schools and universities can have them screen printed right on our site and hand them out with textbook purchases or place them at checkouts at a discounted price. They’ll be perfect for students to grab and throw their books into. It’ll also help eliminate using plastic bags so you’re doing your part for the environment too! 

book store

Canvas Drawstring Bags For Orientation

College orientation days are full of anxious and excited new students, and handing out university logo branded canvas drawstring bags will be a great way to welcome incoming freshmen. Our cheap drawstring bags are perfect for orientation welcome day, and can be filled with welcome day materials, club flyers, and souvenirs. Wholesale drawstring bags can be custom printed with your school logo so new students can rep their new university while exploring their new campus and town. They’ll also want them for their first day of school to tote around textbooks and school supplies, it’s perfect for everyday use around campus.

Drawstring Bags Bulk for Every Sports Team

Not only are our drawstring bags bulk perfect for your campus bookstores, but they’re also a great idea for every sport team. Our drawstring backpacks are durable enough to carry sports gear and water bottles. Brand each bag with the team’s logo and even personalize them with each player’s name and number. They’ll be great for away games and tournaments for your players to carry everything they’ll need throughout the day and traveling to and from the game. Sororities and fraternities can easily afford these bags in bulk for their members and new pledges. They can be customized for different events put on by each fraternity and sorority and the wholesale price makes it possible to buy enough for everyone.

assorted drawstring bags multi colored

Drawstring Laundry Bags for Laundry Day

One of the biggest tribulations of dorm living is of course the dreaded laundry pile that only gets bigger as the days go on. Our drawstring laundry bags are the perfect solution for hauling away dirty clothes and bringing home clean clothes. Whether students are lugging it to a coin laundry or to their parents house to beg mom to do the washing, your laundry bag needs to be large enough and tough enough. You can purchase our drawstring laundry bags wholesale and in bulk to make them affordable enough to gift to new students or giveaway in raffles around campus. They are durable enough to last many semesters and also have a large shoulder strap to make it easy to lug clothes around. They’re also great to just have for general use, such as moving into or out of dorms.

canvas drawstring laundry bag

Drawstring Shoe Bags Wholesale for Everyday Sneakers or Dirty Soccer Cleats 

BagzDepot has all different kinds of drawstring bags, even ones to keep your stinky shoes at bay. Buy these drawstring shoe bags wholesale for everyone’s well being. Students are busy and active, and so are their shoes. These bags will allow students to pack their shoes without the smell and they can also be used to keep nice shoes scratch free. They’re a great gift for your school’s sports teams as well since they can be personalized with team logos and names. It’s a great way to keep the bus smell free and their shoes well kept.

black and white nike sneakers

Cotton Drawstring Backpacks for College Clubs

Canvas drawstring bags are versatile enough to be used for any club in your college or university. Our organic cotton drawstring backpacks are perfect to promote eco-friendliness around campus. Create special bags for Earth Day and purchase them for any eco clubs to hand out to students. They can also be branded with some school spirit at and affordable price. Our bags are durable and can be washed after the serious wear and tear. BagzDepot has cheap drawstring backpacks but top quality so you don’t have to worry about what you’re getting.

plain organic cotton drawstring bag

Drawstring backpacks are so versatile, durable and customizable they are perfect for any school, college or university. Pick out your school color or have a plain drawstring bag customized with your school logo or mascot. They’re a perfect gift coaches can give their teams or vice versa because they can be personalized with not only the team logo, but player’s numbers and names. Purchasing drawstring bags bulk saves your school money and gives your students something to wear proudly.

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Written by Ashley Tesluck — April 22, 2019

Canvas Tote Bags in Bulk & Why Everyone Needs Them

Canvas tote bags are eco-friendly and incredibly multipurpose, whether you’re looking for a reliable grocery tote, a beach bag, or some custom canvas bags to promote your business, we guarantee you'll find exactly what you're looking at BagzDepot, the best place to shop for discount wholesale canvas tote bags. We offer canvas tote bags in bulk (wholesale prices to the public!) and we'll even custom screen print your order with the logo or design of your choice. Plus, with all the color options we have, you won't have a hard time finding something you love! 

assortment of tote bags in every color

Here are a few useful and creative ways you can put some of our best-selling canvas tote bags to use: 

Canvas Shopping Bags 

Heavy duty canvas shopping bags are the perfect stylish everyday carry, ideal for all of your shopping needs. These heavy canvas bags feature a multi-color block design, reliable enough to do the heavy lifting and keeping you looking stylish! These tri-color totes are reinforced in all the right places and come in a variety of color options, so pick your favorite and rest assured it'll last you a life time! Throw this tote over your shoulder and get ready to tackle your errands with ease and style! Did we mention they're great for gifts, too? 

canvas tote bag filled with gardening supplies

Zippered Canvas Tote Bag 

This large zippered canvas tote bag features a zip up side pocket, making it the ideal reliable carryall you can use everyday. Rest easy knowing that your valuables are securely zipped up and tucked away, safe from accidental item losses or any pesky sticky fingers... we've all been there. These totes can also serve as a canvas book bag for school teachers to carry home school work and school supplies. On top of that, schools and businesses can save big by ordering custom canvas bags in bulk branded with their mascot or logo to hand out to all their employees, which is a fantastic and effective promotional tool. 

canvas tote bag with front pocket zipper

Heavy Duty Canvas Tote Bag - For All Your Heavy Lifting

Let this heavy duty canvas tote bag do the heavy lifting! Save big with quantity discounts by ordering heavy duty canvas tote bags wholesale and create an affordable, unique, and thoughtful gift for your employees and customers. Transform plain canvas tote bags into promotional canvas totes by having BagzDepot custom print or embroider your entire order of reusable canvas tote bags. 

white tote bag with groceries inside


Cheap Canvas Tote Bags - Advertise Your Business Using Custom Canvas Bags

The more you buy, the more you save: order our high quality cheap canvas tote bags in bulk so you can advertise your business and spread brand awareness without breaking the bank. These heavy weight tote bags feature a reinforced bottom for carrying all your heavy items. Our blank canvas bags give you the freedom to decorate them with your logo, or with a fun DIY project. Design custom canvas bags that your customers will absolutely love and actually want to use!

black tote bag with white screen print company logo

Bonus idea: Own a hotel or resort? Sell these branded totes or hand them out as a welcome gift to your incoming guests to use at the pool or while they explore around town.

Canvas Beach Bag

Summer is coming, and it's best to be prepared for those hot summer days by having your canvas beach bag on standby. Load up this heavy duty bag with all the sunscreen, towels, books and snacks you need for the perfect day. If your kids are in tow you can easily carry all of their sand tools to build the ultimate castle. The best part is that this bag will last many summers for you. They come in different colors and are also able to be personalized for you.

beach canvas tote bag with sandals, sunscreen, sunglasses, and towel

Canvas Wine Bags 

If you’re responsible for hosting a wedding party, bridal shower, housewarming party or are even planning your own wedding, these canvas wine bags are what you’ve been looking for. They’re a perfect addition to decor at any party and a wonderful gift to give out, of course in addition to the wine. Buy these in bulk to save and even have them personalized for the occasion.

Canvas Book Bag

Canvas book bags are perfect for college campus bookstores or shops around town. These totes offer extra support with a full side and bottom gusset, making them durable enough for heavy textbooks and supplies students have to carry around all day. Hand out these wholesale canvas bags to students when they purchase their books or sell them at a bargain price when they shop at your store. Use our screen printing services and customize each bag to display your logo. 

white tote bag with book and flowers inside

Canvas Messenger Bag 

Our canvas messenger bag is great for carrying personal items and can easily double as a purse. It has long, durable straps so you can throw the bag over your shoulder and use it as a cross body bag. Take it on family vacations or use as your daily tote. Our wholesale canvas messenger bags are quality, multipurpose, and available at an unbeatable price.

white tote bag on pink background with lemons spilling out

Canvas Shoulder Bag

This canvas shoulder bag will be your new daily tote, we swear by it! The handles are long enough to throw over your shoulder and easily hold all of your belongings. These cheap canvas tote bags are an affordable, smart investment for your business advertising and promotion strategy, and are also a fantastic option if you're planning an event or retreat. This is a plain canvas tote bag, so if you’re hosting you can personalize the bags and print your logo on them to use as gifts upon everyone’s arrival.

Everyone loves a good canvas tote bag. The best part is, they'll get to have a keepsake to remember their experience and on top of that, the tote bag itself will continue to promote your business for years to come. 

puppy inside small white tote bag

BONUS: Small Canvas Totes are Perfect for Carrying Adorable Puppies!

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Written by Ashley Tesluck — April 16, 2019

Easter Gift Tote Bags

Easter Gift Tote Bags

The classic Easter basket is one of the best-loved spring traditions. However, sometimes you just want a break from tradition or to create a more useful, yet still festive, gift. Easter gift tote bags are a practical alternative to the basket and they still offer all the fun and treat-filled bounty of an Easter basket. 

Canvas tote bags come in a range of sizes, styles, and colors. You may leave them plain for a rustic look, or personalize them in unlimited ways. Best of all, the gift recipient may reuse a tote bag throughout the year to store toys, carry items, or for any kind of shopping. Try these fun and creative ideas to design a delightful Easter personalized tote bag. 

happy easter greeting card and presents

5 Steps to Create a Special Easter Gift Tote Bag

1. Choose the Right Bag

Canvas bags come in a range of sizes and styles from a small drawstring bag to a large shopping bag. There really is no right bag, but consider the size of bag that will fit the gifts you plan to include. Some options include a heavy duty canvas tote bag, drawstring backpack, or a burlap tote bag.

2. Personalize It

Personalized tote bags are a fun and practical alternative to an old school basket. The options for decorating and personalizing the bag are limited only by your creativity and materials. Fabric paints, iron-on patches, sew-on embellishments, bedazzled gems, puffy fabric paints are just a few options. Consider customizing the canvas totes with images of bunnies, flowers, and eggs! Adding the recipient’s name or initials makes it feel even more special.

3. Choose Your Filler Gifts

Although a personalized tote bag is a gift in itself, the traditional Easter basket contains a bounty of treats and small gifts. Typically, the teats fit a spring motif including a bunny, an assortment of eggs, chicks, or flower themed items. To many people throughout time, spring represents new life and new beginnings. If you are concerned about giving the receiver too many sugar-laden treats, consider non-food gifts. People of faith may also appreciate gifts reflecting the symbolism of Easter. Everyone appreciates small colorful items like pencils, mini-notebooks, toys in spring-themed colors. Some spring-appropriate colors include grass green, sky blue, sunny yellow, or a soft shade of pink.

chocolate easter bunny and tulips

4. Consider Whether You Want to Use Decorative Fillers

Often people fill out and decorate an Easter basket with ribbons, paper grass, plastic eggs, and tissue paper. These are still options for your Easter gift tote. However, some opt for the tote in the interest of reducing waste and choose to be sparing in their decorative fillers. They may simply opt for a festive ribbon to decorate the handle.

easter egg candy

5. Consider an Eggscellent Presentation

Finally, consider how you will present the gift tote to the receiver. Some may hide it in an Easter egg hunt to add to the element of surprise. Or some may sneak it into the breakfast table, so they wake to discover the Easter Bunny paid a visit. The presentation of the bag may be just as much fun as creating the bag and receiving it.

The Easter gift tote bag is a fun, practical and modern update to the classic Easter basket tradition. If you are looking for new ideas to celebrate and welcome spring, then a personalized tote bag may be just the solution! 

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Written by Bagz Depot — April 09, 2019

Gift Bags for Every Wedding Season Event

Wedding Gift Bags 

It is officially Spring, and we know what that means: wedding season is right around the corner, and there is so much that goes into planning weddings that it can be quite overwhelming. One of the most important party planning factors is finding the perfect wedding gift bags for your guests. Gift bags are also a necessity when it comes to bridal showers, bridal parties and wedding favors. If you take a little time to customize your gift bags, you can use them as beautiful decorations at your wedding venue. BagzDepot has a selection of beautiful burlap bags and gift bags that are perfect for wedding gift bags and ready to be customized to celebrate your big day. 

wedding party decorated dining table

Burlap Gift Bags

One of the most memorable and affordable ways to give appreciation to your guests is to gift them with a customized burlap gift bag. You can personalize your burlap gift bags with your last name and the date of the wedding to commemorate your special day. Everyone will love these thoughtful keepsakes to remember your big day. For the contents of your personalized gift bags, you can include little liquor or wine shooters, sweets, or special trinkets. Brainstorm the best gift bag contents options depending on the season; think red wines and dark liquors for winter and white wines and light liquors for summer. Small gifts that are local to the area is a fun way to pay tribute to the place you’re exchanging vows. Little things that are personal favorites of you both as a couple is a great idea as well. If your wedding is a destination wedding, you could include a map and list of things to do in the area. Whatever you choose to gift is up to you, but BagzDepot has the perfect solution for gift bags with a charming and personal touch. Shop our selection of beautiful burlap bags in bulk and send us your design; we will customize your entire order for your big day! 

Bridesmaid Gift Bags

Gift your bridesmaids with personalized burlap bags. Looking for a way to ask your best friends to be your bridesmaids? You can use our custom screen printing service to personalize each bag with their individual names, asking if they will be your bridesmaid. Get creative and theme your presents to make each person feel extra special. Writing a personal thank you note to your bridesmaids is also a great thing to include in each bag, and is a really thoughtful way to say thank you.

work project table with laptop and tablet

Bachelorette Party Gift Bags

Bachelorette parties are another great time to use gift bags, especially if everyone is traveling. You can personalize each gift bag and include travel goodies for wherever you’re going. For this purpose, you may want to try a bigger personalized gift tote bag, so they can fit more travel items. Personalized koozies and little snacks are a fun idea for the trip, too. Another great idea is creating a hangover kit in each bag to help everyone out the next morning, so you can avoid those rough mornings and keep the fun going! (Tip: You could also do the same for your entire wedding party, because it’s more than likely you’ll be partying at the reception.)

candlelit dinner table with flowers and wine

Party Favors & Gift Bags for Your Bridal Shower

Bridal shower party favor bags for everyone serves as a great thank you for helping you celebrate and bringing you a gift. Better yet, you can also use these adorable mini gift bags as table centerpieces or place settings to decorate your bridal shower party. Gift bags can also serve as a decoration for your actual wedding venue. You could set a bag up at the entrance to your reception and have people drop thoughtful notes and well wishes into. It would be fun to read through them later on with your spouse. They are a super affordable addition to your decor that really can put the finishing touches on your tables.

Environmentally Friendly Burlap Gift Bags

Burlap gift bags are not only a beautiful and durable bag, but they are 100% biodegradable so you can feel totally guilt-free for buying these in bulk for all your guests. They’re also completely affordable to fit into your wedding budget. There are countless ways to incorporate gift bags into your wedding festivities, and every way will make your guests or wedding party feel special and included. Shop BagzDepot for all of your gift bag and wedding favor needs!

heart cut out in green hedge

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Wholesale Tote Bags for Easter

Easter is quickly approaching, and there’s no better way to make the most of it this year by getting creative with wholesale tote bags you can make your own by personalizing them with BagzDepot’s custom printing services or having fun with DIY crafts at home! There are so many ways to have fun with blank tote bags, such as DIY Easter Egg “Basket” tote bag decorating with the kids or designing your own personalized tote bags to fill with treats and give out as festive Easter gifts or party favors! Make Easter extra special this year by letting the kids decorate their own Easter totes to stuff with candy or hand out treat-filled party favor totes that everyone will love and keep for years to come.

Order Blank Tote Bags & Start Decorating! DIY Tote Bags for Easter

There are endless ways to get creative with blank tote bags this Easter. We might be a little biased, but we believe there is no better canvas to work with than plain canvas tote bagsHost an Easter party that both kids and adults will love with an Easter “basket” DIY station—instead of using traditional baskets for the big Easter Egg Hunt, shop BagzDepot and take advantage of our great low prices for buying bags in bulk. Kids will love decorating their own tote bags before setting off on their Easter Egg Hunt. Break out the craft supplies and get ready for a memorable day of family fun!

colorful easter eggs

Whether you plan on using fabric markers, paint, or glue, you can never go wrong with wholesale canvas tote bags or cotton tote bagsBoth are ideal for crafting purposes, as they work with virtually any kind of medium, whether you’re painting, drawing, or gluing a fluffy bunny tail and ears on your tote bag, you can’t go wrong with our bulk canvas bags and cotton tote bags

Personalized Tote Bags for Easter – Custom Screen Printing by BagzDepot 

You can order personalized tote bags online right here at BagzDepot! Simply send us your design and we will create your order of custom printed tote bags. Make this Easter one you’ll never forget by having your family name, the date, or any design you choose specially printed on your entire order of blank tote bags. A couple of great options for printed totes are heavy duty promotional canvas tote bags or 100% cotton tote bags. Our tote bags are 100% customizable and can be personalized by heat transfers, iron-ons, vinyl, embroidery, and screen printing—your options are endless, so you can get as creative as you want! 

easter bunny candy

Gift Bags in Bulk – Easter Party Favor Bags! 

Personalized tote bags are a fantastic and thoughtful way to spread cheer, and with BagzDepot it’s never been easier to order gift bags in bulk. Simply send us the design you would like printed on your order of cheap canvas tote bags or cotton totesThen fill them with treats and hand them out to family, friends, and neighbors! Personalized tote bags also make for a great party favor that everyone will be excited to take home and reuse for years.

easter egg candy

Shop BagzDepot for all your tote bag needs. For questions about orders or custom printing, contact us today

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Written by Ashley Tesluck — March 26, 2019

What Makes Tote Bags Awesome

The word ‘tote’ means “to carry” and has been traced all the way back to the 17th century. It did not however mean an actual bag, it was a verb. The word didn’t transition into what is now considered a bag until about a century later. The tote bag came about in the 1940’s when L.L. Bean introduced it’s “ice bag”. As you could guess the bag was created to transport ice from the vehicle to the freezer, but it wasn’t long until people started realizing that it could transport much more and it was a huge hit. In the 1960’s it was reintroduced as the versatile tote bag it’s known as now, and the rest is history. Nowadays it’s rare that you find someone who hasn’t or doesn’t own a tote. They’re made in all different sizes and with all different graphics, even in different fabrics. We wanted to take some time out to show tote bags that love they deserve and outline what makes them so awesome.

Great for the Environment

Using a tote bag can be considered a good deed you’re doing for the planet. Replacing plastic bags with a tote bag can help save the environment because of how long plastic bags take to breakdown and how many can be found in our oceans, polluting our water and killing sea life. A lot of tote bags are even made out of recycled materials. BagzDepot offers Organic Cotton Bags that are 100% organic and chemical free.

custom printed tote bag

They’re a Blank Canvas

We see custom printed tote bags everywhere, tote bags with tongue and cheek sayings on them, puns and favorite quotes. Tote bags are a blast to personalize and make your own. They’re large enough to do whatever you please and they’re durable enough to last throughout the endless trips you use them for. Screen print or embroider them to make them unique.

You Can Actually Afford Them

Tote bags are ridiculously affordable. Cheap tote bags aren’t a bad thing because they’ll usually so well made. BagzDepot have their Canvas Tote Bags starting at just over $2 a bag and they get even cheaper if you buy them in bulk. We’re all on a budget and tote bags are just another way to add to your style in an affordable way. Grab a cheap tote and make it look like a million bucks.

They’re Washable

Yes, you can and should wash your totes. We set them on floors everywhere, throw groceries and dirty clothes on them and they take a beating. It’s easy to throw them in the washer and get them brand new again. We actually give the best step by step advice on how to safely clean your tote bags here!

branded tote bag

Advertise Your Brand

Using your tote as your own personal marketing tool can work wonders. They’re a seriously popular item at trade shows and corporate events. If you own a business slap your label on your bag or make your bag a fun and fashionable logo so people will want their own. It’s a great way to get your name out there in a useful way.

They’re a Fashion Statement

You read that right, totes are in right now. People are loving custom printed tote bags with funny sayings and hashtags on them, they’re actually a great addition to your outfit. You can purchase them in all different colors and screen print any saying or picture you’d like to make it your own. Grab a few different tote bags and rock a matching one to your outfit each day.

custom printed tote bags

Let’s face it, totes are awesome. These reasons are just a few of the many. There are cheap totes, small totes, large totes, thin totes and thick totes. Custom printed tote bags have stolen hearts all over and they’re becoming a must have. From the 1940’s all the way to 2019 totes have stood the test of time. They will continue to stand the test of time as long as we all have things we need to carry. Embrace the tote and have some fun with it!

Written by Ashley Tesluck — March 15, 2019

Bags That Make Traveling Easier

Traveling is stressful enough on its own. The packing, rushing, airports and hotels all equal a ton of stress on your and your friends and family. Packing seems like it would be the least of your worries but sometimes it’s the most stressful part of traveling. It’s not easy deciding what to bring and what to leave, making sure it’s packed as organized as possible. On top of that there’s still fitting everything into your bag and making sure it’s within the weight limit so you’re not paying an arm and a leg. BagzDepot not only does totes and canvas travel bags but has every bag you might need in your travels, here are some of our favorites.

Canvas Travel Kit Makeup Bag

This canvas travel bag is perfect for holding the essentials and it fits in pretty much any suitcase. It can also be personalized to make it unique to you. Make it fun, make it funky and make it your new favorite bag. Use it for makeup, toiletries, jewelry or even just to hold your odds and ends.

Travel Kit

This simple and practical travel kit will fit any of your personal packing needs. It’s both small and spacious for whatever you may use it for. It has a wide grip handle to easily grab from your suitcase or bag. It’s great for men and women and super durable.

Hanging Makeup Bag

This bag is a lifesaver wherever you’re traveling. Store all of your makeup and face products in a way you can clearly see them, no more digging through an endless dark hole. You can even hang it up while you’re getting ready to keep it as accessible as possible. It has exterior pockets to put products you may need quickly in. This bag fold up neatly and fits perfectly into your suitcase.

Duffel Bag

This duffel is perfect for weekend getaways or quick work trips. It’s small enough to be a carry on, yet big enough to fit everything you’ll need inside. With all the pockets and comfortable shoulder strap it’s a great bag to take with you. You can also throw a travel kit inside to hold your makeup or toiletries.

Drawstring Bags

These are perfect for a carry on. They’re light and durable and roomy. They work as a backpack so they’re easy to carry and they close and open easily with no zipper. If you have a long flight they’re great to hold electronics, books, cords or anything else you use to keep yourself busy. You can also use it to carry essentials if you’re hiking or walking a lot on your trip.

Canvas Travel Bag

Honestly these bags can be used for anything. They’re a great canvas travel bag to have as a carry on or throw in your luggage to use wherever you’re headed. They can be personalized to make them fun and stylish. If you’re traveling with kids it’s a great bag to keep the essentials in for any emergency diaper changes or messes to clean up. They’re also great to have coloring books and crayons or iPads accessible to keep the kids entertained while traveling. You really can’t go wrong with traveling with a simple tote bag.  

travel bag

These bags are not only great for travel but also great as gifts for travelers. Everyone loves a good bag. It makes it even more special to purchase a canvas travel bag and customize it for you or whoever you’re gifting it to. Make it special, unique and memorable. Our bags can also be bulk in bulk so you can make it a family affair. You’ll never feel better opening up your luggage on your next trip.

Written by Ashley Tesluck — March 15, 2019

Caring for Your Tote Bags

Tote bags are fun, long-lasting, and can spark memories of some of your favorite moments, events, and travels. But what the heck do you do when they start showing signs of... well, of being used all the time? Even the sturdiest cotton tote bags can get a little grubby if you reach for them often, and soiled reusable grocery bags can be an unhealthy nightmare! 

Caring for tote bags

Written by Bagz Depot — March 04, 2019

5 Ways To Use Branded Totes For Your Business

One of the best and affordable ways you can promote your company can be through branded tote bags! BagzDepot offers great deals on wholesale totes which you can buy in bulk and brand them with your logo. Every branded tote bag you give out or sell can become a mini walking billboard advertising your company. Here are some great ways you can get them out there:

Personalized tote bag

Written by Ashley Tesluck — March 03, 2019

Tips To Remember To Bring Your Reusable Bag

Reusable tote bags are a win, for you and your planet, so purchase one that you actually want to use and won’t forget. Don’t plague yourself with a forgettable reusable bag that you buy one day and forget the next. Personalize it, make it fun and make it fashionable. Invest in a tote bag that you can use not only at the grocery store, but as an overnight bag, a carry on, a beach bag or even an everyday tote that you throw whatever you need for the day into.

Bring your reusable bag

Written by Ashley Tesluck — March 03, 2019

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