Although initially introduced in the 1980s, tote bags experienced a rise to fame with the sustainability movements of the 2010s as carbon emissions were at an all-time high. Tote bags then took a hiatus at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020. They were blamed for helping spread the virus, which we now know is not valid.

In 2022, canvas tote bags made a comeback.

The versatility and sustainability make the tote bag beloved. If you're wondering if you should make the switch to totes for your business, we've got six reasons to do just that. Keep reading!

1. Branding

It's become apparent that masking mandates are sticking around for a while. What's that have to do with tote bags? Well, it's the fact that people aren't noticing faces anymore, they're noticing outfits.

Custom tote bags are an easy way to have your brand on full display to the public, without lifting a finger. Since they are free, durable, and repurposable, consumers almost always find a way to reuse their tote bags. As they head all over town carrying your tote, you are getting free branding. 

Your canvas tote bag is a canvas-pun intended. You can include whatever graphics or call-to-action you desire on your tote bag. Screenprint your logo on the bag, use bags for special events or raise awareness for an important cause. 

Whatever message you want to spread, it can be done with a custom graphic on your tote bag order.

2. Sustainability 

Perhaps one of the main forces behind the "tote-bag-movement," is the eco-friendly nature of the bags. While cotton tote bags do still require copious amounts of energy and water to be produced, they are far superior to their plastic counterparts.

If not recycled properly, plastic bags can take up to 20 years to decompose. Let's be honest, most people don't take proper care when recycling their plastics, especially when at home. A tote bag is a way to promote more responsible consumerism.

It's a win-win situation for business. Your brand promotes a sustainable lifestyle while you actually help save the planet!

3. Hygenic

The coronavirus created some noise around reusable tote bags. It became so intense that at one point they were completely banned from more supermarkets nationwide. Luckily, the tote bag ban has been lifted- here's why.

The idea that tote bags spread the coronavirus is a myth! 

When used responsibly, tote bags are a more sustainable, not to mention stylish choice. It's important your customers care for their tote bags like they would any other personal belonging or garment. Wash it occasionally, and don't place it in any filthy places like bathroom floors or dirty train seats. 

You can look into our wholesale duffle bags, wholesale fanny packs, wholesale backpacks, and wholesale drawstrings if you think that would be a more practical choice for your prominent customer.

4. Cost Saving

We offer a variety of cheap tote bags. And when we say "cheap" we mean affordable- we don't skimp on quality. Our canvas tote bags are 100% cotton.

Let's compare the costs of disposable plastic bags and our reusable totes.

First, let's compare an unbranded option. You can purchase 240 tote bags for about $1.45 each. Alternatively, you can buy unbranded earth polluting plastic bags for about 7 cents a piece. 

With customization, plastic bag prices jump from 7 cents to about $1.33 a piece. Meanwhile, the customization of our canvas bags doesn't substantially impact the price of $1.45. Once you're comparing custom canvas to custom plastic, you're essentially paying the same price.

In the short term, you might think it's smarter to go for plastic. What you're not accounting for is the number of customers who will come back with their reusable tote bags. Over time, this customer will save you hundreds, if not thousands by reusing their bag instead of using one of your disposable bags every time they shop.

If your long-term goal is to save money and improve profitability, then the option of a reusable bag like a reusable canvas tote or cotton duffle is the smartest choice.

5. Incentive

In the section above we discussed customers reusing their tote bags when they return to your shop. But what happens if they don't?

You can implement an incentive or a penalty program to inspire them to use reusable tote bags. An incentive program will reward customers who shop and checkout using your reusable tote. You can offer them a discount on their purchase, like a certain dollar or percentage amount. 

On the other hand, you can adopt a penalty program. Due to the climate crisis, this is mandated by some state governments and becoming increasingly popular. In an effort to promote the use of reusable tote bags, stores are now charging customers a "bag fee" for disposable bags. 

6. Versatile

Perhaps one of the greatest assets of purchasing bulk tote bags is their versatility. From a customer perspective, this versatility is easily demonstrated. Consumers use their tote bags for groceries, picnics, commuting, gym days, work, shopping, and more.

Tote bag versatility is just as applicable to your business. Your custom tote bags can be used in a variety of ways!

You can use them as your checkout bag for customers. But you can also use tote bags for special events, giveaways, customer spending incentives, gift packaging, protective packaging, and more! Invest in a set of custom tote bags and you'll find the possibilities to be endless for your business!

Order Custom Canvas Tote Bags at Great Prices

Canvas tote bags are a great addition to your business supply list. They are completely safe to use in the pandemic world. And they are versatile to creatively meet your business needs. 

You can customize your tote bags for special events, and collaborations, or use them to amplify important messages. Tote bags are like a traveling billboard for your business.

If you need help placing your reusable bag order today, contact us and a team member will assist you!