Did you know that there are more than 2 million weddings every year in the United States?

With all of these weddings happening, there's no shortage of decor, accessories, and so much more to make your event specialized to the couple's tastes.

If you're planning a wedding soon, you know there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make your event perfect. Have you thought about having personalized wedding favor bags at your reception? If not, we're going to share some of our favorite favor bag ideas right here. Just keep on reading to get some ideas!

1. Embroidered Monogram Favor Bags

What's classy, elegant, and all-around gorgeous? Off-white embroidered monogram favor bags!

Buy small, dainty cotton favor bags and get them monogrammed with your guests' initials. Fill them with candies, treats, potpourri, or any other small goodies. To finish them off, tie them up with cream satin ribbon.

2. Rustic Burlap Tote Favor Bags

The rustic-themed wedding is taking off in popularity, so what better wedding favor to give at your reception than a burlap tote?

Check out any of these rustic tote bags, and then purchase filling such as decorative shredded paper or tissue. Since these tote bags can fit a lot, you can add things like boxed chocolates, cupcake totes, themed t-shirts, or whatever your heart desires.

To make these bags even more personalized, have them monogrammed or print out your wedding hashtag on the fronts!

3. Simple Canvas Tote Favor Bags

Are you keeping it simple at your wedding? Do it with these plain canvas tote bags as your wedding favor candy bags!

Gather a list of your guests' favorite candy and include them in these gift bags along with bath bombs, mini candles, or photographs. This way, you'll be able to stick to the theme while saying thanks to all of your guests.

4. Customized Messenger Favor Bags

Print the date of your wedding as well as your wedding hashtag on the front of these messenger bags for a personalized twist!

These messenger bags are spacious and comfortable the wear on the shoulder, and they can be filled with just about anything. Stuff in candy and other goodies to delight your guests with this personalized wedding favor gift.

If you want to get even fancier, add items that are custom-printed with your guests' initials or names. For instance, you can add coasters, jewelry, small paintings, and more!

Give Personalized Wedding Favor Bags at Your Reception

What's something that can set your wedding reception apart from others while making your guests feel appreciated and loved? Personalized wedding favor bags!

If you haven't considered giving out these favor bags before, you have now. And now that you've got some great ideas, you can get started in no time.

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